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Motologichesky New Year was held on "Hurrah!"

November 7 2006

It was Friday. For that alone donated a lightweight body and adjusts to an incredible positive. Yes, there is also a holiday, and neither any, and motologichesky. Prior to the official New Year's there are still two months, but for the audience on Nov. 3 at the "point" it was not a hindrance. We've got everything in Russia so - week seven Fridays and new years and even more. That group Time Out has established its own holiday.

A bit of history. Motologichesky New Year - a holiday, which has already become traditional. He decided to celebrate the late autumn or early winter. During the celebration of all those gathered were drinking, eating, dancing hot dances and singing songs. At home, this dispersion is added to the carpet scales of bream (she does not scrub during the subsequent year, finding a regular scale, you'll remember how she got there, and rejoice in roughly the celebration).

See gallery Motologichesky New Year in the "point"

Usually Motologichesky New Year was celebrated at the legendary Palace of Culture. Gorbunova, but because it is now well-worn playground is closed for repairs, the concert was held at "point".

Quite a long line of public slowly moved to the entrance. Standing in the waiting, the people warmed themselves alcohol and choral chanting "Somewhere beyond the wood rotting cactus!". In the locker room too crowded - there are not only pass the clothes, but also get all sorts of merchandise.

And in the hall had already warmed up alcohol more specifically, but all cultural boundaries and does not pass. Yes, and sin in this day to be completely sober - a holiday after all.

In the far bar now sold out. Over a glass of spirits a friend told me how he went to timeout a long time ago, in the 90's. "Then - he says - this was not - all sitting in their seats, and the police to ensure that nobody got up. But then, of course, in the end have all jumped up from their seats, and the policemen could only accept. My companion looks around a bit perplexed - Since ancient times, he time-out was not, and this time went for the company. All he seems somewhat strange and rather strange - times are changing. A lot of people around different - who in colored wig, who in a funny hat with horns or bells.

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For all included, and the hall was filled almost completely. Again chanting about cactus. Finally, I hear the opening chords and the feast begins. All sing with the musicians and, of course, "twist lanterns. Where do not you look, everywhere, happy faces.

As it should be in the New Year - the stage was decorated with Christmas tree, but not simple - in addition to the balls on it still hung and dried fish. Also on the stage adorned with pots of scarlet.

In the evening heard such hits as "pancakes with sour cream," "Autumn," "Song of the bald-headed", "Manure", "Fragments of evil," "Pinocchio", "Johan Palych" and many others. In addition, Akaki Bakharev Zirnbirnshteynom (Alexander S. Minaev) was filled with funny poems about the turnip.

This rarely happens, so the concert did not want to leave. But Motologichesky New Year has become for me a case in point. So in the camp celebrating arrived.Scales in the apartment will not scatter, but the next concert I will come for sure.

Kulikovskikh Pauline

Васильева Камилла

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