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Napalm Death in Moscow. Qualitative grindcore and ugly fight.

November 6 2007

On Saturday, November 3, finally, a concert of British fathers grindcore Napalm Death. Turn to the club "Point", where he was an event lined up almost on Leninsky Prospekt.

In total, people hungry for doses sturdily built and occupational heavy metal music, stood in the queue of about a half hour. What is particularly nice, including the typical grindcore fans in heavy boots and leather jackets, a la old - school, young skateboarders and brutal form of long-haired metalheads came across a lot of completely neutral-dressed men, accompanied by ladies, dressed as if for the premiere of a good movie. Most attention riveted a couple standing in line at the club. Belonging to the above category of neutrally dressed, the man held the hand of a child age 11 on the form. When the two approached the counter with the discs, sweatshirts, T-shirts and other branded merch with the logo of the group, a man bought the boy one of the sweatshirts, which he instantly began to pull themselves under brutal softened views of the public.

After that, the audience occupied bar "point" and sipping dark beer and playing billiards in anticipation of the upcoming concert. From these studies it could not pull even a group of Swamp, unexpectedly announced the opening act. No mention of her in the poster was not, and as it became known during her speech, she was announced as the official warm-up, almost for half an hour before the concert. Special attention to the Russian team no one showed. Most of those caught by the hand, visitors to the question: "Do not you know who now acts?" Apathetic shrugged her shoulders, waved and moved on to wait for performances of British legends in the bar. Meanwhile, Swamp, growling into the microphone and shaking his tousled hair, honestly win back his set. Team, which was perceived audience, in fact, as a musical background and could be replaced by any collection, stuck in the CD player, was once a human pity. According to the participants it was evident that they themselves like that set of circumstances do not really like because they were themselves still very shy. Whether frozen cold attitude towards them public, or from awareness of the responsibility that fell to them, reheat such eminent musicians.

By the way, themselves eminent musicians have appeared on the scene 20 minutes after the freezing-heating, under applause and cries of instantly filled the room. Bar almost immediately emptied, the audience poured out to watch, rent a mobile, video and photo cameras, Napalm Death, which is only worried walked across the stage, tuning.

As a result, performance of those for whom we all gathered in the evening, began almost closer to 9 o'clock in the evening, but nobody even thought of as something to be indignant about it. Cargo painful, almost two hours of waiting, instantly evaporated with the first wild chords, that the British were removed from their guitars. Rabid drums and guitar endless bombing, coupled with the singer, who from the first song began issuing something similar to chorea and furiously to rush the stage, stir room in seconds. All those present immediately caught hovering around mood, and actively danced aggressive but harmless, in fact, "mosh", screamed and did not take their eyes off the stage at which the British, despite the rather advanced age (a group formed in the 80's) to spread to its fullest.

Despite the overall positive impression of the speech, have occurred in the small hurtful incidents as not very successful attempts steydzhdayvinga. At this time, present at the scene of the guards and the rest were unable to permanently skidyvaya from the scene of fans who were preparing to jump off it into the crowd. Of course, the event requires. It is not always such attacks were obtained by peaceful.One young man got out on stage, was impressive from the brutal zubotychinu the abundance of jumpers and hard sound protection. Lead singer broke off and helped the fallen from the blow a guy up, and then again went on a concert. At the same time, however, the conflict has not ended. From the crowd, some time later, got another young man of 18 years and punched in the face of a different guard. There were also cases where the abnormal focus of fans have suffered and the musicians themselves. Some drunk and apparently dimwitted student climbed onto the stage and climbed to the guitar to hug and shove it. Seizing the moment between the guitars, musician, without thinking twice, gave an intrusive fan in the forehead, so as not to interfere with play, after which time podospevshie protection lover hug from the scene encountered. Later, this man left the scene, hit the guitarist in the temple and as quickly retreated, dissolving into the crowd. Particularly awkward lovers hamper the musicians managed to break a mic stand, and therefore the concert had to be interrupted.

It is a pity that in the context of such an adequate and appreciative audience that came to listen to grindcore pioneers, came across irresponsible individuals. Interfere with the musicians to play, the last thing. Such incidents rather the exception than the pattern for similar concerts. But all the same to the British guests becomes very uncomfortable for the above incident.

As a result, due to an unexpected unannounced warm-up and a number of unpleasant incidents, the concert ended with only one in the morning. Exhausted, but, ultimately, happy musicians settled in the bar, where relaxing with a glass of beer and tired of giving all comers their autographs. Summarizing, we can say that on the background of the previous concert Napalm Death in KFOR MAI, the event at the "point" was pleased with better sound and more space. If we omit the incident from steydzhdavingom, the concert was more than high quality. Many of the "metal" forum is full of numerous rave reviews about the event and hopes for the next visit of the famous early British.

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Gregory Tumanov


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