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Jethro Tull: the legend is a legend

July 5 2006

Coming to Moscow on 1 July cold snap did not stop fans of sophisticated melodic art-rock to get untold pleasure from the performances of the legendary team. Jethro Tull has earlier visited Russia, but in this part we have not yet heard. By Ian Anderson (Ian Anderson), as usual in the role "and Sweden, and the reaper, and the dude igrets (vocals, flute, mandolin, guitar, harmonica), and bassist Jonathan Noisy (Jonathan Noise) joined by violinist Lucia Mikarelli (Lucia Micarelli), Opal guitarist Florian (Florian Opale), drummer James Anderson (James Anderson), and keyboardist John O'Hara (John O'Hara).

The emergence of a group of Lucia Mikarelli was a real surprise to fans of Jethro Tull. Brilliant violinist not only a great performance of the material, perfectly complementing the overall sound, but she wrote many arrangements for works included in the concert band.

You may have noticed the similarity between the names of band leader and drummer. The similarity is no accident. James Anderson, also known as James "Duncan" - son of John Anderson. He participated in the recording of Anderson's solo albums. By the way, drives Yan noted, and another member of the new structure - keyboard player, part-time accordionist John O'Hara.

The very first part of the concert was the famous «Living In The Past», after it was filled with gizmos «Eurology», and then the old hit «Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day». Anderson, with his usual ease and virtuosity melodic solo on the flute. And, perhaps, his vocals were not as good as in the old days, but the expression and the famous "chips" have not disappeared: it vypeval melody voice while playing her flute, published by the sounds unimaginable pickup, standing on one leg joked and reloading all their energy. Before executing a medley of works by Mozart, he began to phrase the words «Mozart was born ...», and since this year around the world celebrate the anniversary of the great composer, the audience is already prepared to hear yet another lecture on the topic. Not so fast! «But now Mozart is dead!!!» - With mock-ferocious roar Anderson finished the sentence.

Critics have repeatedly noted that Anderson, along with Mick Jagger (Mick Jagger), David Bowie (David Bowie) and Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper) is included in the annals of rock music as one of the best showmen late 60th - early 70's . In those days, he rushed to the scene, staring, building faces, bouncing around, shrilly yelling and shaking their picturesque rags, if at all, wrapped in the cord from the microphone and fell to the floor. Despite the fact that now he does not behave as expressive as in past years, concerts by Jethro Tull did not lose. Charisma, inner energy and a peculiar sense of humor this musician still make it in the center of scenic action Jethro Tull.

In addition, Ian Anderson does not apply to conservatives, as well as the category of lazy musicians sets once and for all standards in the performance of their compositions, of which adhere to and throughout the career. No, Anderson may invite a wonderful violinist Mikarelli and even more so - he can afford such a risk, as included in the concert program of solo violin. After all, is not known how students perceive rockers sounding in complete silence, without any accompanying violin solo, and sang Lucia is not rock-variation, and the classics - Sibelius. But the musicians, to accurately calculate - the audience has arranged Lucia ovation.Expressive style of play, a sense of style, sophistication and excellent technique that violinist is hardly leave anyone indifferent, in the words of one of the representatives of the Moscow underground music "sweet young lady robust design lit!".

At the concert, sounded and loved by many «Mother Goose», at last year's speech, the group performed it in a more "acoustic" version, with a pipe, but this time get an interesting version of a violin. Members of the band pretty amused listeners tune performance of "The Godfather" by Nino Rota in the spirit of «gypsy waltz» (Gypsy Waltz). Someone in the audience did not even resist, not to execute the appropriate music dance steps: a young man pictured something like a dancer, hit the pointe shoes, throws up his hands and looked like a dying swan.

The apotheosis was the execution of a cover for the song Led Zeppelin. Anderson, without a hint introduced her as the song of one group from the 70th. Violin slowly began to show an intricate oriental melodies and Sound ... «Kashmir»! Someone from the audience povskakival from places other running flew closer to the stage - it was obvious that the scene at this point does something big. Sound engineer on this thing tangibly brought the sound of a large volume, and "Kashmir" thundered mightily in all its glory. The original track was a song and band Jethro Tull turned it into an instrumental that was heard by a very unusual, but cool. In the middle of this magnificent instrumentals suddenly sounded a part of the guitar solo «Whole Lotta Love», played the violin.

Then were performed «Aqualung», «My God», «Budapest», as an encore - one of the most famous hits - «Locomotive Breath». Impression could not spoil even the fact that the balance of sound during the performance «Locomotive Breath» had some issues (the bass was too high). The audience was ecstatic.

Seth - List:

1. Living In The Past
2. Eurology
3. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day

4. Life's A Long Song
5. Serenade To A Cuckoo
6. Sibelius (solo Lucia)
7. Godfather theme
8. Cheap Day Return
9. Mother Goose
10. Moz Art (a medley of works by Mozart)
11. Thick As a Brick
12. Kashmir
13. Aqualung
14. My God
15. Budapest
16. Locomotive Breath

Natalia Filippovich


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