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Rock festival "Wings" - 2006. First Day.

August 1 2006

The annual rock festival "Wings" - one of the most anticipated events for Russian fans of rock music. A total of 20 hours (29 and 30 July), thousands of happily enjoying the music and beer. On the Wings of the group were just starting to climb the rock, and Olympus have already recognized star.

This year, Echelon "monsters" National Rock represented the "Time Machine", "Chaif," Siskin with his company, "" Ocean Elzy "," AuktYon "," Picnic ". Yet, in spite of all the famous names are listed, "Wings" of 2006, for a great many have the opportunity to see and hear exactly world famous stars - Bloodhound Gang, and Soulfly.

The first and last (until this year) time I was at the festival "Wings" six years ago. Then the whole scale was new to the festival and caused wild excitement for all fans of the National Rock. Do not think it wrong if I say that the Wings of 2000 is largely influenced the further development of rock culture, making it clear to everyone that nothing is impossible, and in Russia can be a really grand festivals.

See gallery Rock Festival "Wings" (July 29)

Then the holiday was spoiled a little rain. This year's severe gray skies again threatened to throw water on the heads of the audience, but, fortunately, there were no rain, and the second day was shining hot summer sun.

So, on July 29, Day. At the station Tushinskaya on the columns plastered pointers "to the airfield and in the direction of the rush of the crowd of young and not very people who hung with all kinds of paraphernalia. Most punks with the Iroquois of various colors and lengths. In general, this year could easily see the overall musical emphasis of the festival in the direction it was punk rock.

The street is also full of people. Policeman with a megaphone called on all who "with tickets left." The first search of backpacks. On the road to the entrance there be, who wanted to buy from us our accreditation - of course, was rejected. On the other side of the fence along the airfield Tushino police every meter, riot police and dogs.

Checking tickets. Further, the second search and seizure of all possible dangerous items. Along the fence piles riveted belts, chains, belts with ornate, but it seems too big, buckles and even a necklace of large round beads. All this is forced to shoot and, of course, back nobody got nothing. The question of where all this delos and remains open.

As the saying goes, everything changes and everything flows - people grow up, the festival progresses, new stars are born. But one, alas, remains unchanged - our valiant police and its relation to the large accumulation of non-formals.

Everyone remembers the tragic events at the "Wings" in the year 2003. After that, it seems quite natural to heightened security measures. However, should not be forgotten that the provision of security itself does not imply rudeness and unnecessary manhandling by the police and riot police. A sign of itself is not at its best this year was more than enough.

After that, not quite lyrical digression back to the scene. Thus, the lockers are not provided, and our colleague says goodbye forever to your belt, worth some good money along with everyone else, look reshivshimi parade. Anyway, as the English say, nevermind.

Third check bags and pockets. Looking for metal and the third time flip the contents of backpacks. Finally came.

At this point, the scene resembles a group of Gonja gathered under gray clouds that somewhere far away the warm expanse of Jamaica.Here and there point of sale merchandise - selling T-shirts with the logo of the festival, funny wigs acidic colors with horns, different funny stuff and litter under the ass to sit on the grass. Several blue toilets almost goes over the horizon. Beer tent too much - serving spiritual beer "Stary Melnik", crackers and chips. Most starving can order barbecue with salad.

In the wake behind a group of "Gonja" came to the stage and the audience Chicherina was able to warm up, jump for popular songs. Along the way, people had fun sending sms to a specific number - so their message appeared on the big screen and they could read each.

The festival was held on 2 stages that are adjacent to each other - until one team plays the first stage, the second instrument to prepare for the next team - very convenient.

Also replace each other musicians in the press center - a small white tent at the corner of the VIP-zone.

After Chicherina the audience brought "a TT-34" - the most brutal group of 1-day festival. It was the only team to which you can confidently be labeled "Metal". Going out on stage and greeted the audience, Belarusians immediately brought the Muscovites, one of his most incendiary song "Kneading". The crowd began to organize a wild slam that did not stop throughout the performance of the group. Completed a performance of "TT-34" about his major hit "The House that Jack built." It was obvious that viewers were pleased with the demonstrated power of music and a real metal fumes.

I think that many people have been unusual to see Armen Grigoryan, without his trademark pieces - a hat. Even more unusual - not as part of the legendary "Crematorium." Grigorian, together with a group of "3'Angel" played a program that is close to the style of progressive and quite difficult to understand. In general, it was evident that the majority do not quite understand.

Calm before the tenderness Kalinov bridge "replaced cheerful guys from" different people ", and then were favorites of the Gothic youth group of" Picnic. " It all began with songs from the eponymous album "Show and tell." Came to the stage dressed in something very industrial outfit with matyugalnikom instead of the head.

By the way, "Picnic" was the first super-star group in the list of "weighty" names to foreign guests.

"AuktYon were also mobile as usual - the years they were not a hindrance, but on the song" Time Meshiny "" Turn "the sun came out. Probably up there, they also care about. On the ground were not indifferent to the more - dancing young and old, and even photographed the speech police.

"Siskin & Co" nothing new is performed. Only a well-known hits. Started with the Ural Biker Blues ". Continued "Polonaise", "Nothing to Lose" and his other songs, all of which have known by heart.

Continued to evening guests from Scotland, Mystery Juice. As described later, the musicians themselves, such a name ("Mystery Juice") they took from the name of wine. They played a perky set, which is quite well accepted not only by Scotch whiskey, but under Russian beer.

The French are very pleased with quality of rock 'n' roll in a modern, emotional and very beautiful design. We should also note the appearance of musicians - a drummer like John Lennon, the young guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist, even according to the musicians themselves, looks like Jesus.

And at this time in the press tent, held a briefing Bloodhound Gang. The musicians brought with them a large, decorative bottle of vodka, a few glasses and immediately put reporters on the condition that if someone wishes to ask a question, he first must have a drink with vodka, well, after already can ask that his heart's content . Workers press submit to such an unusual request of the group.I even found a man who just asked the group to drink with him, but when it came to the question, he said that he had no issue and that he just wanted a drink. It all amused. Even Front Man Bloodhound Gang Jimmy Pop shook hands with the young man and said he was a true Russian.

Call the Americans stay Bloodhound Gang on the scene, simple performance is totally impossible. He even just fun or funny or fun to call the language is not rotated. It's just one big joke! The fact that these guys are doing on stage, does anybody in the whole show-biz world. All of my speech, they are actively provoking the audience to cheer up and never tired of repeating «We are stupid Americans» («We stupid Americans"). On large screens on the sides of the stage, too, succeeded one another provocative words such as: "Let's see you shake your fatty metropolitan Jo ****» and so on in this vein.

Jimmy wondered "where that gathered all the Russian army? Why do so many police? ". Fun Americans understood not all the more so because many of them touched the audience for a sense of patriotism. However, when the group tried to separate the public from the national anthems of Russia, the word remember, not all.

Performance itself consisted mostly of old hits, and just had to play a few tracks from their last album Hefty Fine (2005). Again, there has not been without vodka. During the first song, the bassist throws his guitar on the floor, runs behind the scenes, drag oneself along the exact same bottle as the press conference and a huge bunch of drinks. Downstairs from the scene, he handed out glasses of Moscow audience that was in the first row, and the hour is filled with them.

Bloodhound Gang on the scene did everything that they only want, drink vodka, urinating on each other, shame svogo president boasted know the mighty Russian language, playing a cover of Rammstein and Depech Mode. The guys also performed a metal version of the song Dragoste Din Tei group O-Zone. But in the final of his time on stage one of the funniest dudes U.S. lit one of his biggest hits Bad Touch.

So ended the first day of the concert evening "Wings". Pleased the audience moved to the exit. It was not without difficulty - to get on the subway had a long way through the courts down the hall from the police, soldiers and riot squads.

The next day brought new surprises, not all of them were pleasant, but more on that in the second part.

Author: Pauline Kulikovskikh

Prepared in conjunction with the portal

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