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The collapse of Ministry and the last concert in Russia

June 1 2006

Great group «Ministry» appeared in the distant 1981. The founders of the project are El Jorgensen (vocals / keyboards) and Stef George (drums). Both residents, probably the most interesting U.S. cities - Chicago. As a young music group imagined a more likely, that somewhere between Depeche Mode and the traditional disco. Name of the staff was due to the famous movie film "Ministry Of Fear". So speaking of small clubs and bars, the group began its existence.

In 1983 El and Stephen recorded his first single - Cold Life (studio Wax Trax). Two months later, the guys sat down to record a full album (a record held by Arista Records). The record came out in 1984th called it With Sympathy (Europe Work For Love). Like the second album, Twelve Inch Singles (1985), no work has gained popularity and fame to the group and did not come. At that time the musicians have understood and agreed that something needs to change. "We are tired of being devil's pop group" - said El Jorgensen in the middle of the 80th.

So El goodbye with his friend Stephen, and with the record company and decided it was time to work independently. First he brought a new working group Revolting Cocks, along with Luc Van Akerom and Richard 23 from Front 242. A little later, Al again switched to their offspring Ministry. Passing under the wing of Sire Records and received a good producer, Adrian Shervuda with sheet E has recorded record Twitch (1986), unfortunately the album was re-evaluated is not a broad audience. Music was still electronic, but at the same time became much more aggressive and fiercely. By the album was also released the single «Over The Shoulder» and video.

A year later, a new era Ministry. E finally mastered the electric guitar. The team he took some of his friends from the Blackouts: Paul Barker (bass), William Refflin (drums). In this composition was recorded «The Land Of Rape And Honey» (1988), which is to produce a classic and a milestone in the history of «Industrial Metal». Also, work has become the standard of sound built of synthesizers, keyboards, tape, hammer- crushing drum machines, hundreds of samples, cuttings taken from the dialogues of old movies, new electronic processing, and of course the guitar and bass.

At the 1989th out «The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste». Like its predecessor, «The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste» has all the advantages of the genre Indastrial and at the same time, it is much heavier and has become more accentuated on the guitar. The album was supported by an annual tour and new single Burning Inside.

In 1990 released their first "live» In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up. The video version of which was much wider than a 6-trekovogo mignon. Amongst the Ministry on the video there are: Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy). Jello was walking with a striped flag and shouted their biting rhymes like a true punk, and the legendary vocalist Ogre is acting, also helping on the part of the keys and other instruments.

In the same year El engage in new and old side projects (Revolting Cocks, Lard, Acid Horse, PTP, 1000 Homo DJs) and producing stars such as: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, Anthrax, Gwar, and Skinny Puppy.

In 1991 she released the single Jesus built My Hotrod. Video for this song became a super hit and won Mtv. Trace out the heaviest album - «Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs». The name is taken from the eponymous book by Aleister Crowley.In support, the plate came cingly NWO (a protest against George Bush senior went to war in the Persian Gulf), Just One Fix, and is already above Jesus Built My Hotrod. By staff joined new guitarist Mike Lewis and Skeshia Svitek. But alas, with success, and first appeared with the law. E-mail as well as many other musicians, he loved to indulge in drugs, but the entire group of Puritan and poorly educated elite accused of Satanism, orgy and just immoral behavior.

After a long hiatus in 1996, published "an invaluable» «Filth Pig».'s Creation is built on the guitar and at the same time was the slowest in the discography. The album is a true compilation mixes and original moves. Harmonica Al (Filth Pig), the female vocal tracks Useless, mandolin (Reload), and even a grand piano (The Fall). When recording the band left the studio Wax Trax and went to Texas. Here, the musicians opened their home studio. From the pen of Ella went something like sledzh metal, which many fans have not been able to appreciate. At the same time, the plate has become the most successful teams, having reached the 19th place in the charts Billabong.

Ministry once again left to rest and made themselves felt only in 1999. It all began grimly: guitarist William Tukker committed suicide after learning of his illness, which is hooked on drugs. Al and Paul are now aware that it's time to get off the coke and needle. It is good that they succeeded. In memory of Tukkere, an album «Dark Side Of The Spoon» (the title - a parody of the Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd). It was a timid attempt to correct the mistakes of Filth Pig. But hard-core fans and critics the album once again disappointed. Composition Bad Blood entered the soundtrack to the cult of "The Matrix" and was even nominated for a Grammy in the year 2000.

In 2001 gave all fans of compilation of hits - The Greatest Fits. Steve Spielberg offers Jorgensen worked together on the soundtrack for the film AI ("Artificial Intelligence"). At first, Jorgensen, accepted the offer veteran producer as a joke, even the acronym AI he rasshifrovalkak Anal Intruder.

On the hit What About Us filmed a video clip. But soon the problems started: sneachala Warner Bros break a contract with the Ministry, and later the group denied a performance at the festival Ozzfest.

At the 2002nd appeared and the second a live group - «Sphinctour». The work is made up of concerts since Filth Pig. Initially it was canceled, but in the end, was released on the label Sanctuary Records. In the same year Fred Durst invites Al Jorgensen worked on the album of the group Limp Bizkit.

The next album comes in 2003. «Animositisomina» was written in the spirit of Psalm 69. Also in 2003, it Ella tarantula bites, and to save the musician from death, doctors offer cut his hand on that El called out: "None." Survived. It is noteworthy that the album was written completely sober for the first time in 20 years without drugs and heavy drinking. Nice work, but to the level of Psalm 69 do not have lasted.

In 2004, Paul Barker left the living legends, which, incidentally, did not mean the end of the glorious history of the team. Tireless E continued to work without it. The new studio album «Houses of the Molé» (2004), as well as the subsequent work is dedicated to George W. Bush, a new America, its government and general hatred towards them. The album received the most flattering criticism in the U.S. and Europe.

In the past the 2005th published collection of remixes - Rantology.In addition to the remixes, the CD track before the Great Satan from the forthcoming album Rio Grande Blood and the song Bloodlines of occult RGP game Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

C 2,006 th year out «Rio Grande Blood» (a parody of the Rio Grande Mud - ZZ Top). To do this in the record involved Reyven Paul and Tommy Victor. Alas, the other day E reported that the next album will be the last team in the discography Ministry. In his vypuske Ministry will leave the world stage forever.

"I plan to do quite different things - says Jorgensen. - I founded his own label, «13th Planet Records», and I want to dedicate their time promotion of young teams. I think it is better to leave the stage in time - at the peak of his career - than to assimilate such an old man like Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones ».

From the words of Al, the next album will be the completion of the "political" trilogy Ministry, started work «Houses of the Mole» (2004) and «Rio Grande Blood» (2006).

"This record, which we plan to call« The Last Sucker »will also be devoted to the criminal acts of George Bush and his administration. Now this man is simply is my muse! Everyone says that during the reign of the Democrats Ministry recorded their worst albums. Well, we write this new album, and then come turn me to meet with Bush face to face! ".

By this sad fact, the Russians have come to expect fathers Indastrial with a concert at the beginning of 2007.


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