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When I grow up I want to turn the penguins

February 26 2011

16196.jpeg Work nyuhatelem armpits or a test of tampons? Fie, for anything. Although "perevorachivatel penguins" sounds quite nice, "expert dice" - rather recklessly, and "vynimatel brain" - awesome. Ranking of countries trades are made each year. For Your Consideration, our selection of the most astonishing sentences in the labor market in 2011.

Cow pedikyurschik. The poor state of hooves could affect the state of health of cows, udoe and even the ability of the animal to reproduce. (And really, where is the lady on a date without a pedicure? ..) The elite farms in Europe and America, this is followed by whole separate units of employees.

Perevorachivatel penguins. Penguin, living near the polar station, quickly react to flying helicopters. Animals bully's head and deflected back and neck because they have a short and clumsy body, they often and swung back. Roll over and stand on their own penguins can not, therefore, after each arrival or departure to the rescue comes a specialist. Otherwise, animals will die.

Podbiratel balls. Ensures that golf balls do not stay on the territories adjacent to the field after the game.

Test furniture. These professionals employ large design companies and furniture factories. Of course, tables and bookshelves no tests, but that's chairs, armchairs and beds required.

Ant breeder. Catches and selects the best individuals for special ant farms. Most often, insects are bred for the extraction of venom (used in medicine) or for future consumption.

Nyuhatel armpits. Powered by companies manufacturing deodorants and antipersperanty. The task of such an employee - to cause an experimental product in the armpit test group, and then sniff them, noting how the smell during the day.

Vynimatel brain. This extravagant profession are not related to psychiatry. Vynimatel brain works in a slaughterhouse and ensures that the brain dead animal gently taken out of the cranium and was transported to restaurants with minimal damage.

Razglazhivatel wrinkles. It is a member of the elite shoe stores. He is responsible for smoothing out wrinkles and folds, which are formed on the shoe by fitting multiple buyers.

Egg separator. With a special device separates egg yolks from whites in the prefabrication of confectionery.

Researcher strippers. Recruitments in this unusual position announced last year an American research institutes. The employee should have been watching striptease dancers for 60 there and do some regular records; salary of 10 thousand dollars.

Polishing sticks. Another specialist required every self-respecting golfklubu. He rubs the stick VIP customers a special compound that improves the grip putter with the ball.

Straightener pillows. Require expensive furniture stores, trading bedroom suite. During the day the straightener should walk around the shop floor and straighten the wrinkles and creases on cushions and bedspreads.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> condom tester.'s no surprise that companies - manufacturers of condoms want to be confident in their reliability. After all, a means of contraception are able to radically change human life ... Therefore, as a rule, new product test group of about 1000 salaried "workers," and last test no less than a year.

Expert on the dice. Such professionals are forced to contain the power of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. If you find a casino or improperly balanced "slanted" cubes, it will be seen as an attempt to fool the hapless customers. Meanwhile, the game of roulette people leave millions of dollars.

Nyuhatel eggs. A rare profession in demand in high-end bakeries and restaurants. This person ensures that the food did not get spoiled eggs.

16197.jpeg Manager of sex determination the chickens. Unmistakably determine the sex of the chicken should be already in the first days after his birth. It is believed that depends on nutrition and how to care for the bird.

Hired a relative. Official service to provide hired friends and relatives appeared last year in China. Basically there treated before the wedding, birthday or other celebrations, which must contain a lot of people to maintain status. However, such services are provided informally around the world and long ago.

Guide to toilets. Is civil servants in Japan, helping anyone who wants to find in the nearest toilet. Guide services are worth about 4 cents.

Waiting list. Again, without registration and licensing services "stoyalschikov in line" has long existed in any country. But in Britain there was the first such registered company. Our employees are ready to defend any of you turn to the finish, pushing, swearing - in general, do anything for the sake of a cherished piece of paper or signature. Payment for such dedication is $ 40 per hour.

Test tampons. These critical employees of factories for the production of personal care each swab test for adequate absorption and strength of the strap. Such are the demands of the Office for quality control of products and drugs in the U.S..

PS Many of these specialists do not envy; over others just want to laugh. But think about what would be your life if their work has not been done? ..

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