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How to choose a digital camera?

June 27 2006

In the midst of summer, it's time to leave, and well-deserved rest. It is time to prepare equipment for the long journey, namely, to change her grandmother, "a bar of soap, a brand new digital camera. "What camera do you need? That it should be, and how much it should cost?".

What type of camera to choose

Your first and most important, decide is to decide why you need a camera, which he should be the size of a compact, full-sized, and can generally mirrored the monster in 1,5 kg.

Each type of camera, of course has its advantages and disadvantages.

Selecting a compact digital camera, you get comfortable in the carriage and carrying a toy. It can always be put in a pocket, freely carry on any activity and can choose to suit your style. For quality photography from the full-size models, in fact no different.

Prices from 150 to 400 euros.

If you select a full-size camera (which is somewhere in size between the compact and the mirror) you will get a more functional, but certainly less convenient in carrying and transporting a camera. However sometimes the functionality, more comfort. So if you use your "tool" for photo-art you'll need at least a machine with the functions set shooting modes and shutter speed and aperture. Note that full-size have a much better optics than their "smaller" brothers, but therefore you have the opportunity to enjoy the real optical zoom.

Prices from 200 to 700 Euros

SLR cameras, this is a separate subspecies of the cameras - professional equipment. Buying this unit deserves a separate article, but if briefly, over the 1000-1500 euro you will get a really quality product. Endless possibilities with detailed settings, aperture, shutter speed, and interchangeable lenses for professional zatmivayut all the flaws. But the high price and bulky (weight from 500 grams to 2 kilograms of the lens) will make you once more thoughtful, for which you take the camera?

Prices from 800 to 8000 Euros

How to choose a company Manufacturer

The choice of the firm, it is not an easy exercise because now there are an infinite set.
We propose to divide all the firms producing digital cameras into 3 large categories:

1: The best-known and quality brands, a decade specializing in cameras, it's: Canon, Nikon, Olympus.

2: well-known companies, but do not specialize in photographic technique, and on related products or simply a technique: Kodak, Casio, Fujifilm, Sony-Minolta, LG, Samsung, Pentax, Panasonic.

3: very young camera brands on the market, and therefore are often quite cheap: Praktica, Rekam, Premier, Skina, HP, Mustek, Hobby, and others.

The first two categories on the quality of compact cameras are not real, but in the first case, you have little to overpay for the company name. Many firms in the second category in the production of its cameras have resorted to using third-party companies producing optics, and processors. So instead of a compact camera Canon's mid-class, you can buy full-sized cameras that Kodak or Fujifilm course more technically perfect.
But if you decide to take SLR camera, your choice for Canon, Nikon, and Olympus - professionals.

retya category is recommended only for strong distress in the media and buying a digital camera to replace recessed film "Soap." And remember, a miser pays twice.

Matrix and the number of megapixels.

What are megapixels? This is the number of pixels on the sensor of your camera. The number of megapixels in the camera only affects the maximum size of the image. Of course, the more mega pixels the better, but still, it is worth it to overpay? For example, for a 5 megapixel camera's maximum image resolution 2560x1920, it is easier to compare a standard screen resolution at which you view your photos 1024x768, and the correct print image 10 by 15 is possible only when 2-megapixel - 1600 x 1200 pixels .
Do you understand what can the leopard change his spots, and if the hands of .. but for good shots is enough megapiseley 4.3. The main advantage of digital photography is the ability to work with it on your computer - you can easily crop your images without losing quality in the final. Now the norm in most 5-megapixel camera. But everything depends on the optics.


When choosing any camera look what optics it is worth. For example a firm Sony puts its optics equipment of German company Carl Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar) is certainly pretty - the best. Kodak is also using the optics of German firm SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON, which is also very good. And companies such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus use their optics and she did not yield to Sony or Kodak. So the choice must see who made the lenses that are in your future camera. So even if you buy a 5 megapixel camera, but an unknown brand with a cheap lens, then the meaning of such a large matrix is zero.

Sensitivity to light, it is the same luminosity

Sensitivity is very important for any camera. The higher it is, the better it will be taken at dusk or dark room, ie, on the resulting images will be less than the so-called noise. The question of paramount

Most firms indicate sensitivity in relation to conventional film: 100, 200, 400, 800 and above (this is a "mirror" monsters). But it also happens in this: f/2.8 - 8.0, the smaller the figure is less, the better.

Memory Cards

Quite an important factor when choosing a camera is that it supports a memory card. At the moment, so many types of memory cards, because almost every company has invented its memory card.

1. Compact flash
2. XD - Picture Card
3. MMC (Multimedia Card)
4. SD (Secure Digital Card)
5. Memory Stick

Note that they all differ in price, are considered the most expensive card from Sony - Memory Stick, most cameras use Compact flash and SD. Cards to 256 megabytes is enough for 350-400 shots while shooting a 2-megapixel resolution (enough for the frame 10 at 15).


It is very important in any journey is the matter with the power of your camera, many companies produce cameras, using its own battery. On the one hand it is good because its capacity is much higher than conventional batteries, but there is hidden a huge pitfall, if while walking your battery is mounted, then you will be able to charge it, just come, at home or in a hotel where there is an electrical outlet. And do not forget that nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later it will have to change, but how easy is it to find.Most cameras use simple "finger" size batteries, AA, and if they sat down while walking, it is easy to buy a pack of batteries at any local store that is important.

Additional features

These are nice little things like voice recording and video video.Zapis now have almost any modern camera, except may be the only really cheap models to $ 150 and not all. The video quality on the camera leaves much to be desired, but the more expensive model, the more frames per second or higher resolution.
Record sound, certainly a trifle, but a very nice because in the hands and you have a tape recorder.

So, in my opinion, all the main points when choosing a digital camera, we will describe. Buy and create.


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