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How to choose a camcorder at a New Year's

November 21 2006

That's quite soon the New Year and Christmas, ten days deserved vacation, a wonderful time of pleasant gifts and folk festivals. After such meaningful celebrations usually remains in memory mass of photos. But they have one big drawback, photos are static and do not convey the atmosphere of celebration. This lack of success compensates for camera. Today, we'll help you choose the camcorder for yourself or your friends.

In an era of high technology, analog video camera, we place in the article will not pay, this is the time of digital cameras.

Digital camera differs from the analog only way to writing and the ability to quickly reset the video on the computer. The optical part of a digital video camera and control shooting is not very different from analog.

We will tell you about the most important features to which attention should be given the choice of digital cameras. They have a lot of features, but a hundred draw attention?

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In the amateur class now there are three format digital camcorders - Digital 8, miniDV and microMV. The first two differ only by the size and dimensions of cassettes. Format Digital 8 are actually analog cameras Class Hi8, done under an entry in the figure.

Alas, the large dimensions of the camera and tapes, give the final weight of about one kilogram. They appeared almost eight years ago, and then their main advantage is low, compared to miniDV, value. Now the advantage is lost, and inexpensive miniDV-chamber long before the entire planet.

MicroMV can say, miniature, but small size of the camcorder is not always a plus. Renting in normal conditions such cameras is very inconvenient, they are very lightweight and the hand trembles. Manage microMV-camera is not very convenient, the fingers are too big for the buttons. A significant drawback microMV-cameras that record goes to the non-standard format. The recorded video on a camcorder only understands the special program, and video editing with this camera has always been to convert the video, which takes up your time. Cassettes microMV are twice as expensive as other magazines.

MiniDV format is optimal for amateur digital cameras. The price range for the miniDV-cameras from $ 500 to $ 3000, so you can easily choose the right person you budget camera. It is because of popularity, optimal dimensions and weight miniDV we define the selection criteria for this type of cameras.

Optical Zoom

optical zoom - describes the ability of the camera "zoom in" distant objects. Optical Zoom compared with digital zoom is much more important.

Usually the size of the optical zoom range from 10 to 25. But cheap cameras at least 30-fold zoom, but still in the process of shooting with a hand shake the image will go. 10 or 12 is enough for any shooting.

Digital zoom

digital zoom - measured in triple figures, but the practical use of it there. Digital zoom works by magnifying glass, and the image quality deteriorates.

Type of stabilizer

Type of stabilizer is not critical, and the difference in the effect of different types of stabilizers is not obvious, however, it is desirable to know how they differ from each other. In the video cameras are used, two types of stabilizers - optical and electronic.

Advantages of optical stabilizer - high quality stabilization, high sensitivity cameras, fitted with the stabilizer and, therefore, better quality of shooting in low light. Alas, in comparison with the more "simple" digital is much more expensive.


The number of pixels, it is necessary to secure the video depends on the TV system and makes for PAL ~ 415 000, for NTSC ~ 350 000.

When a number of pixels more than one million, this means that the camera is in most cases has an electronic stabilizer and allows you to take photos.

Scanner Type

The existence of progressive scan adds attractiveness of the camera, but it was understood that this possibility is needed only in case of need to print photos with video, creating photo albums on CD-ROM, etc. - Why pay more?


This option is usually always indicated, among other characteristics of the camcorder and is usually in the range from 0 (dark) to 15 lux. There is a widespread misconception that the smaller the value specified in the passport, the better the camera will be shooting in the dark. But next to this figure does not indicate the number of color noise, and you can find out just testing the camera.

The size of the matrix

Do not buy a camera with a matrix size of less than 1 / 4 inch - from this characteristic depends on clarity of removed objects in poor lighting (home, evening, morning, night).

Dimensions and weight

Cameras weighing over one kilogram inconvenient, especially girls. Weight is proportional to the size, and with great camera awkward to walk, even on a tour, or to work. But also very lightweight (400 grams). It is extremely inconvenient to use, but that we wrote at the beginning of this article. The optimum weight can be regarded as 600-800 grams.


Vitvitskiy Alex


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