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How to choose a great headset

September 21 2006

Reasons to buy headphones may have many. For a start we divide them into several types. Tentatively identified three categories of headphones: outdoor, home and studio.


Almost all the street ear characterized by small size and low weight. They are used with portable equipment: With D and MP 3 - player MP3, mini DVD-players, laptops, phones and PDAs.

In this category, the prevalence of lead "pills" or "drops» (earbuds, earbuds) - they can easily get stuck in your ears and subtly those around you. But often, for the sake of convenience to sacrifice quality: most of all, in these "ears" suffer low frequencies, although there are exceptions.

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When selecting street headphone necessarily pay attention to the models of brands such as Sennheiser, Sony and Panasonic. The three firms have long been in the audio electronics, and the quality of the goods can not doubt. Some of the best tablets (with a sound insulator) is available from KOSS, they can recommend to all lovers of music in the subway. Prices for this class headphones viriruyutsya from 200 to 1500 rubles

Next, we consider the next of kin "tablets" - Headphones type supra-aural. They lay ears on top. Weigh these headphones about 200-400 grams, and provide a fairly wide frequency and dynamic range of sound. Get used to them pretty hard, especially after "pills", but the sound quality, stylish design and the new BT-technology (wireless Blue - tooth earphone) is more than well worth the time for adaptation.

Here, a general list of brands you can add "ears" of the company Beyerdynamic.


This category is much larger than the street. The design of home headphones are closed, half open and open. They are associated with technology, both through the ordinary wire or wireless method (infrared beam, radio frequency and VT).

Main feature of these earphones improve sound quality. Wireless headphones are much more convenient - no need to mix in a long wire and can safely walk around the room, and sometimes in cases with radio headphones and into the stairwell. Infrared headphones will cost considerably cheaper, but they limit you to the movement - can not obscure the beam, and therefore can not leave the room.

By purchasing recommend inexpensive models Beyerdynamic, Panasonic, Philips, and Technics. Well, if you want uncompromised performance, the expensive models from Sennheiser, AKG and Sony. Prices viriruyutsya from 800 to 10000 rubles.


These headphones are designed to work in the studio. The main requirement for such headphones transmit a signal in the form as it is, without any accent the bass without the artificial expansion of the dynamics and other chips, the inherent domestic headphones and greatly distorting the sound.

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For similar prices to domestic earphones midrange, you get sound, much better quality. The price of these headphones varies from 30 up to $ 500 (though there are also more expensive).Such companies as Sennheiser, Nady, Audio-technica, Sony, AK G produce the best headphones in the world.

Author: Alex Vitvitskiy


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