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How to choose a notebook

July 20 2006

The main difference between your laptop from the desktop - in its compactness and mobility. On functional differences "large" computers do not. Unfortunately, the prices of these devices leave much to be desired. For compactness and brand and you have to pay a decent amount. Failure to qualitatively upgrade "stuffing" your laptop can be called a major drawback, therefore, need to choose carefully.

If you buy a laptop for the first time, then it is no wonder entangled in all the possible options. It is best to ask a friend a specialist, or find yourself over the Internet (in the directory Yandex is a comparison of characteristics). Once you have chosen to test most of his new "friend" - convenience is priceless.

So what should we look for when choosing? Such parameters as weight, size and battery life is time. Secondly you need to display a maximum contrast, so that they could be used in bright - in daylight. Accessibility and keyboard cursor control device: touchpad - touchpad or trackpoint as the availability of the necessary expansion slots, too, is not unimportant. USB IR port, headphone jack, and Wi - Fi.

Pay attention to the important function as a device cooling system - many laptops get very hot.

Due to the fact that the laptop as it was said above can not be upgraded, try to choose the model with the maximum number of embedded devices.

Now the point:

Screen - The Matrix:

In addition to the permit, and the aforementioned problems of contrast and brightness pay attention to a parameter called the inertia of the screen. On the screens with a strong inertia fast-moving objects leave the train. It is annoying and distracting when watching movies, and games during "to scroll" the text.

Base processor:

In addition to Intel, there are a number of other manufacturers: AMD, Transmeta, VIA. But we think Intel Centrino technology is well ahead of its competitors. Just be careful: if your laptop processor from Intel, it does not mean that he Centrino!

Obviously, the faster the processor, the better. But on the other hand, looking for what you are looking for a laptop, and is it worth paying more for the extra 200 MHz (you even do not notice them), it is worth 200 bucks?.


Availability of wireless communications - a prerequisite for a modern laptop. Connect to your office network, to access the Internet through a modem or mobile phone, and simply connect to another computer - all this is better done without the use of all sorts of wires and adapters. The more protocols supported laptop - the better. Infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


USB, and slots for flash cards (CF, SD, etc.) for easy census of your photos from your camera, this is probably all you need.

Duration of battery:

I guess everything is clear, however, different manufacturers have different consider the duration of their batteries. It is therefore desirable to find the results of independent tests (the Internet, magazines and so on).

Input Devices:

Location of keys should be as close to a desktop version. Additional keys shall be located so that you did not have to swear retraining at the crucial moment. Unfortunately, the compact size keyboard forcing developers to make changes in the location of keys. What to choose? - A matter of your taste.

UNCTIONS mouse on laptops perform touchpad (touchpad) and the trackpoint. Touchpad wins at the expense of intuitive control. It is desirable that the panel was next to a space, rather than the middle of the wrist rest.

Trackpoint kind of a small joystick, located directly between the keyboard keys (many called the "nipple"). Requires some skill to use and then can be very convenient - no need to take your hands off the keys.

Design and dimensions

Most laptops have standard proportions, but recently there have been a model with elongated horizontal screens. However, it is a matter of taste.

In a separate class to make subnoutbuk. This is the same notebook, but two times less and is much easier. While they are still very expensive, but this is the case when the size - is important.

Types Laptop

Entangled in a huge number of laptops is very easy. When choosing the model are divided into classes. Budget, business-class ultraportables (subnoutbuk).

When choosing a laptop, preferably in the first outline for a range of its application and as a result to determine the class. The purpose of the manufacturer not to confuse the buyer, and sell him their product, so choose a model among the products of one manufacturer is not difficult - they are usually quite clearly divided in their applications - games, work, internet etc..

Author: Alex Vitvitskiy


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