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How to build a UFO?

May 18 2009

12116.jpeg One of the mysteries of UFOs is the way of their movement. Most often, eyewitnesses say that the object was moving silently, with great speed, and instantly vanished from sight. It is not excluded that such technologies are available and earthlings. Tens if not hundreds of lone inventors, as well as quite serious professionals trying to find "the secret of UFOs." And, it seems, have made this some successes.

Fascination with Ukrainian Vassily Mikhailuk technology began after the mysterious event that happened to him in his youth. "July 11, 1968, about 1 hour the night I came home with a youth" hangouts "of the village Sergeevka, which is near the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. On one side of the road was the steppe, with other private buildings, for which a 1,5-2 km could see the bright lights Druzhkovka career.

This quarry was producing around the clock valuable species of white clay, which after heat treatment has a rare property of lightness and elasticity. Meters for 300 homes to me when something abruptly stopped. Glancing around, I saw something unusual. From the quarry towards me, silently moving growing bright white glowing object.

Flying above me at an altitude of approximately 80-100 m at a speed of 60-80 km / h, it disappeared behind the horizon of the steppe. Behind him stretched a long, bright tail with a diameter of 2-3 m, whose length was about 4-5 km.

However, he did not around to cover. After a short time the train began to disappear (melting like snow), turned into a mass of individual clumps of white, creating a crack, as the humid air in the cold or as if touching nonuniform electrical discharges.

Think about this phenomenon, Mikhailyuk began to read the technical literature. He wanted to understand the working of the engines of similar objects.

Eventually he managed to patent several of his own inventions, working on the basis of the magnetic field, including high-precision combat system Toona 1 (transport object for special purpose), PUMO (launcher magnetic objects), intended for start-up and delivery of special cargo anywhere in the world Earth and NONSS (NEO converter, negative satellite systems), delivering Label cargo to neutralize the extraterrestrial bodies (eg, meteorites) that threaten our planet.

Invented by Vasily Petrovich and magnetic car in the form of july, capable of generating a magnetic field around the object (to delete the same meteorites at a safe distance).

But the most curious of the inventions Vasily Petrovich - a MTM (magneto-transport vehicle). Design in the form of july is divided into two independent parts, transforming itself around a powerful magnetic field induction.

Novelty Mikhailyuk named in honor of his wife - "Hope". According to Basil, "Hope" could repeatedly take off into outer space and return from there, consuming very little energy.

That's right, according to the inventor, flying this UFO. Where there is a modern spaceship! But, as often happens, the machine Mikhailuk remain unclaimed relevant structures and have not yet brought him no income.

But Kazan "diy" Radhika Bogdanov was luckier. Radik invents a machine that can focus energy "from nothing".One of the designs is a big one and a half meters in diameter, the ball, the other - a rocket. Inside the transparent clouds of mist machines - is the concentration of energy.

Balloon is used to "charge" of various objects. For example, inside it has already managed to grow a batch of tomatoes weighing 750 g. It looks like he Bogdanov "charge" of the ball - he can tell a person whom he has seen for the first time in his life than he is sick and what events he expects in the near future.

The third model Bogdanov - that is the "flying saucer". Rather, a new type of vehicle. Fuel "plate" is not necessary. She moves through the air in any direction, the energy derives from the surrounding space.

Not so long ago Radicom Bogdanov interested in Korean businessmen. They suggested Kazan inventor has developed a power source for mobile phones. Such a battery will never need recharging ... Alas, space flights until the Koreans are not interested.

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