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International IT-exhibition CeBIT '2005 introduced the coolest "know-how!

March 18 2005

Completed its work the world's largest annual exhibition of high-tech CeBIT, held in Hanover (Germany). From 10 to 16 March exhibition was visited by 480,000 people, whose interest attracted the latest in high technology, computers and mobile phones.

However, despite the abundance of new products introduced at the show, last year's record attendance of 489,000 people was not outdone. Meanwhile, organizers expect the CeBIT '2005 visit at least half a million.

In general, experts say a stagnant high-tech market . Companies are forced to save money on marketing and advertising. What else can you explain the fact that the number of exhibitors has decreased by ten percent compared with last year?

The exhibition showed that the industry today is ruled by two major trends.

Firstly, for the first time in abundance were represented by such technologies as a means of Internet telephony software and with open access, enabling companies to save money on various operations.

For example, IBM, demonstrated the program optimally distribute the computational load between computers corporate network - in fact predicted the company will soon not intend to increase their spending on the purchase of new computers. A German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom has launched a campaign to promote equipment for wireless networks that connect computers to other devices in homes and offices.

Secondly, the company plunged into the improvement of the design of their products. In a downturn, even the most IT-tech products do not enjoy much success in the market. Therefore makes little sense to invest in new development has, it is easier to improve an old product by changing its design. It attracts a buyer.

Hereby favorite show was the world's smallest printer from the Compaq-Hewlett Packard, combined to the same scanner and copier.

This year, between mobile phone manufacturers the ability to compete to achieve maximum compactness and functionality of handsets. For example, now a mandatory standard is taken the presence of a digital camera.

Siemens has introduced at the CeBIT phone M55, equipped with a color screen high-definition. But the most amusing novelty phone has a built-in software synthesizer melodies he Cubasis mobile, developed by Steinberg. With it, you can create yourself, or more precisely - to synthesize tones, use them as ringtones for your phone or send to other subscribers using the service MMS. Moreover, the trend of the maximum "sound of the phone can also be seen from other manufacturers - the vast majority of models on display are polyphonic.

On the musical path set foot, and Microsoft. Together with the company Creative Technology announced at CeBIT they the beginning of the joint development of a portable media player Media2Go, which will show digital video and store digital images. In Media2Go will be "put" 8,000 music files, 175 hours of standard VHS video or 30,000 photos.

There's news from manufacturers anda href = " =% EC% EE% E1% E8% EB% FC% ED% FB% E9 +% EF% EA" target = " _blank "> mobile PCs.
Sony has unveiled a new laptop PCG-Z1 / P Series Bio note Z platform Intel Centrino. Argues that the uptime of a standard laptop lithium-ion battery - 4 to 7 hours.

Gigabyte has demonstrated a new notebook G-MAX NB 1401, of course, based on Intel Centrino. These and other similar laptops actually increased the time "battery life" than previous models. However, the principal strategic problem still not solved: to date there is no powerful laptop that can survive during a flight from Europe to the U.S., accounting for 8-10 hours.

The Taiwanese company GuideTek Technology introduced a mobile phone «i-Care Baby Bear» for the youngest children made as a teddy bear. The device display and no keypad, there are 4 buttons, located on the bears paws with which child will be able to call mom, dad or anyone else, though, as will program set. Buttons and reset well camouflaged on the muzzle bear. While this phone is only a prototype, in future, developers plan to equip its GPS-locator to "hunt down" the child at any time.

As for 89 Russian companies, representing the services and technologies at the show, then nothing special, they are not distinguished. Is that the attention attracted by the unusual appearance Eugene Kaspersky , head of the Russian anti-virus laboratory. Eugene unexpectedly announced that the state should take control of the Internet to save the network from death, and offered to set up a special Internet police. Users need to obtain a license - just as drivers must have rights. "We must be prepared for the fact that this year or next year, the day will come when the entire internet slowed down," - concluded his speech anxiety Kaspersky.

However, the exhibition also sounded more optimistic words. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder , for example, expressed the view that high tech is going through extraordinary rise: "The exhibition demonstrates that, after the necessary and difficult period of adaptation of information technology market back on a growth path." What is this return, the chancellor did not elaborate.

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