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How to choose DVD-player

August 15 2006

DVD appeared in Russia in early 1997, when the company presented in Moscow Matsushita Panasonic DVD-A100, intended for sale in our country. But for most Russians the possibility of a useful object appeared just now. So how do you choose the right DVD-player?

Tip one: the choice of DVD-player make sure it is "region free". To do this we must verify whether the machine produces "domestic" discs. Do not buy a DVD player from overseas. Bought from the U.S., Canada or Japan unit is likely to refuse to read Russian CDs, as well as working on the US-Japanese video format NTSC, not PAL.

Tip two: when choosing a DVD player, make sure that he reads not only Dolby Digital, and DTS - looking at the front of the appropriate logo.

Tip three: Choose when you connect DVD-player to your TV highest quality signal. Most likely - RGB (most shirokodiagonalnyh TV on the Russian market is equipped with a SCART connector capable of receiving RGB-signal).

Tip four: when choosing a DVD player, equipped with progressive scan output, remember: the corresponding signal can accept only video projector, flat panel and a small minority of expensive TVs.

DVD-player capabilities are diverse. If the disk contains multiple audio tracks, it will select it from below, which is valid for the option of subtitles.

DVD-device allows to increase or decrease (even with preservation of sound) playback speed, go to the pause mode, but recently many manufacturers began to supply the devices feature an instant replay the last 10-60 seconds of the program (useful if your viewing is interrupted, for example, an unexpected phone call, distracted from the essence of the film).

When selecting a DVD player can also influence and presence videoregulirovok. It can be as presets for brightness, contrast and color, and an opportunity to adjust these settings manually.

Begs the question: why change them when the DVD gives a picture, an order of magnitude better than that of ordinary air broadcast? That's the thing! TV, configured to receive from the air, the picture from the DVD will play an unnatural (likely to be overstated chroma). Adjusting the same will bring it back to normal.

DVD-Player is designed to work not only with multi-channel, but with stereo amplifier, so apart from the mandatory data (converted from a multi-channel) audio player, often equipped with a system for creating the surround effect is at work on two sound systems

Tip five: the best quality picture is reproduced in the color system in which to write, so home theater is better to build on the basis of multisystem TVs and DVD-player, or even no transcoder, or (for fans of video) with full transcoder having a mode Auto.

Tip Six: If the ability to change video parameters is important to you, choose a DVD player that can store at least two sets of parameters - one for PAL'a, the second for NTSC.

With a choice of image transmission easiest widescreen TV owners: they choose the format of 16:9 (Wide). The owner of a TV is free to choose the 4:3 PS or 4:3 LB. In the first case, the picture widescreen DVD-player slightly trim the edges and thereby reduce the width of the horizontal black bars on the screen.

This process is called panskanirovaniem (hence «PS» in the title format).When you select a 4:3 LB original dimension images remain - as well as the width of horizontal stripes on the screen. Image will resemble a slot for letters in the mailbox (Letter Box in English, and therefore appeared in the title stands for LB).

But remember: that DVD-player was able to realize panskanirovanie, on the DVD should be a special information. If it's not a film you'll see in the original dimension, even selecting the mode of 4:3 PS.

When buying you should pay attention to aspects such as language selection menus, subtitles, protection of children, timer, etc.

It is very important as a DVD-player reads and displays information on mixed CDs. Some machines may require manual selection of the environment - MP3/WMA or JPEG, others show once all the folders on the disk. Some models are cutting song titles, but most reproduce them in full.

Tip seven: Any DVD-player, you can speed up browsing, but it is better if he did not immediately jumps to 8x, and doing it slowly (x2, x4, x8) - search accuracy is much higher.

Tip Eight: Choose DVD player that allows you to resume playback from the interrupted place even after the (Resume). In this case, before the end of the show you do not have to re-watch ads, which many Russian DVD - in abundance.

Tip Nine: most devices can enlarge the image (mode Zoom c coefficients up to x8), but the real benefit is the coefficient of x 1, 3, allowing force to enter the height widescreen picture into a standard TV screen (4:3).

Tip Ten: remote control must be properly balanced (not slip out of hands). Preference should be given full-size, not miniature remote control, the thumb should be provided by the "main" button - stop and play.



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