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Gas or electricity? Choosing a stove

January 15 2007

According to statistics, the majority of Russians after the New Year vary appliances. In stores, more than ever discounts and special offers. In captivity ask: is not it time to throw out Grandma's plate?

Cookers can be divided into classic (free-standing), and recessed. Now embedded technology has gained greater market share, but much cheaper to buy a free-standing. First you need to figure out how to choose the stove - electric or gas?

Electric cookers:

Electric stoves come in two types: classic, electric stove (with pancakes, cooking) and glass-ceramic.

Classic boards are cheaper, but cook them much longer than ceramic and gas. To heat the burner requires a lot of time.

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Glass ceramic cooking plate according to the speed comparable to gas, but it is much safer (no poisonous gas and open flame). In addition, the completely smooth surface, which among other advantages can be easily cleaned, pot or pan will never capsize.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the absence of the rim at the edges of the slab. Smooth surfaces can lead to the fact that 'escape' the soup will wipe the floor. Secondly, the ceramic plates impose very strict requirements for vessels. The bottom of the pans and pots should be perfectly flat and smooth. So we'll have splurging on a new high-quality dishes. Unfortunately, this plate is quite easy to break a heavy object, and repair is very expensive.

Gas cookers:

Choose a gas range is much simpler, more than half of Russians are choosing ovens exactly this type. Consumer offer dozens of varieties of plates, often not much different from one another. But which one to choose? The difference is in build quality and value.

If you choose an expensive foreign plate (from 500 USD), then make sure that it was built a system of gas control. This system protects you from leakage of gas when suddenly nonconducting flame.

But if you can not afford to pay for a plate of over 500 USD, then your choice - national boards. The fact is that our factories produce plates only for Russia, collected according to certain standards for the consumption of gas. Almost all gas stoves western production requires an extract, they are not designed for the pressure of our gas pipes.

Combined plate:

In such a slab is usually three gas burners and one electric (or 2 +2). This plate is useful if you are power outages or gas supply.


In any oven must have a temperature adjustment and lighting. There are models with electric grill and rotisserie. They allow you to achieve excellent results when baking poultry and meat.

If you gourmand, you'll need a board with multi-functional oven. It has a convection, that is blowing hot air for even heating and baking two pans at once.

It is useful and the electronic, or mechanical timer. Automatic shut-off burner (or furnace) will save you from trouble.

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Alex Vitvitskiy


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