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How to choose mp3 player

July 12 2006

Music has always played a major role in human life, the music creates your mood: makes you think about being, start dancing, or just get aesthetic pleasure relaxed after a day's work. Today we are going to choose the mp3-players.

For several years, commanding position in the playback of audio stream took the format - mp3. It's all the same CD-audio is compressed in a few times with the help of codecs, the quality remains good, and the difference may be noticeable only on the equipment extra class. Nowadays, the Internet and trays tents almost completely switched to mp3-files.

Players who use CD deprived of the main lack of flash player: blanks for CD-recorder can be purchased for 10 rubles or less, CDs with music from 50 rubles - put and went (took a couple of CDs with me). Meanwhile, the flash card (SD, etc.) if such amount will cost you 700-800 rubles. CD-player should have a good Antishock to music while driving is not "stuttered". The larger buffer Antishock, the better.

But the main advantage of flash and also lost with the acquisition of CD player, namely compactness - the device can not be less than the CD. Price player from 1500 rubles, and it is desirable to take the shock-resistant.

Players based on flash memory (flash) are miniature, and they have no moving mechanical parts - they are resistant to shaking, and consume less power (but you can not change the battery on long trips). But the main drawback - the high cost of such a player (reliable model from 4000 rubles and above). The miniaturization of flash-player is constantly, and there are very, very light and compact model.
Player on the hard disks have large memory capacity (from 3 to 20 or more gigabytes). The main disadvantage is the fact that hard drives are quite sensitive to mechanical influences, the fall can be fatal. Incidentally, the price of these devices are not pleased with his modesty. But if you uncompromising lover of music, and often the video is "advanced" player with hard drive - your choice! From 6000 and above.

Players on the flash and hard drives are often equipped with the ability to record sound - a voice recorder. Unfortunately, the quality is not always at a level that often sound is compressed on the fly by is not very good quality algorithm.

But in our opinion instead of paying more substantial money for a new I-Pod, easier and cheaper to buy a PDA with a broad range of functions (notepad, Word, Excel, and much more).

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In addition to mp3, to date, there are other formats for compressing music such as wma, wav, aas, ogg.

Quite handy when your player can be used as a USB Drive. In this case, it is possible not only to record music from any computer, but use the player as a mobile faylohranilischa.
Alas, but often headphones that came to the players, do not allow to reveal the full potential of digital sound. Therefore, you should always buy into the budget amount for the purchase of more advanced headphones. Although zealous should not mp3 format has its flaws in sound quality.
Note that some CD-mp3 players can play videoCD, and play format discs DVD (4700 megabytes instead of 700) and Mpeg 4.

The sound quality - a key parameter to rarely pay attention.This is understandable: when buying through the Internet it is difficult to verify. Certain guarantee can serve as a good reputation of the manufacturer on the market of audio, for example:

Always follow the news online when selecting mp3 player: complexity and functionality of devices is growing constantly, and when choosing a guide for what you need a player, and how often you use it.

Author: Alex Vitvitskiy


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