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Punished for the Internet. In Russia, for the first time condemned the online pirate

December 5 2007

The question of copyright infringement - for Russia theme ill. Precedents are constant, but very rarely punished perpetrators.

However, just recently denounced the "internet bully", put in the network software company "1C" for free download. In fact this is the first case when the Internet piracy does not go unpunished.

Voroshilov district court of the city of Rostov-on-Don has sentenced a Russian citizen Sergei Avramov. Attacker convicted under Article 146 of the Criminal Code "Violation of related rights and copyrights." According to court records Avramov posted a link to the business - Annex 1C, using a program uTorrent. In this case, the total financial losses of the company amounted to 95,100 rubles. Punish the guilty-year prison sentence.

According to him, the lawyer 1C Maxim Alexandrov on the honor and dignity entrusted to him by the company scammers constantly. Now, suppose there is a court for placement in Internet gaming, which is engaged in the localization of 1C.

The above-mentioned incident - a kind of breakthrough. Because the discussion about copyright in the country are constant, but to observe it until now no hurry. "In the area of copyright law in Russia competent may be called the very few lawyers. Yes, and calls for copyright infringement, especially on the Internet, we still had no "- the chairman of the presidium of the Moscow Academic Bar Boris Kanevsky.

Until now, most high-profile trial of copyright is rightfully considered a "business of rural teachers." Director of secondary school of the village Sypchevo Perm sentenced to a fine of five thousand rubles for the use of unlicensed software Microsoft.

The inspection found that all the computers in the school led by Sergei Ponosov installed unlicensed versions of Windows. It happened in two stages. Initially, for Ponosov intervened Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and the case was closed for "insignificance". However, a few months and resumed work with the school director to levy a fine of five thousand rubles, while the damage caused by Microsoft's valued at 266,000.

Closure of such cases - a familiar practice. Perhaps due to the fact that hardly anyone sees a high school teacher of the main intellectual pirate country. "Companies are certainly interesting not to put people behind bars, and recover from him the moral damage compensation and damages, including damages and lost profits. But a lot of money can take a rural teacher? The company spends a lot of time and money on litigation, but it is too inefficient. Another thing, when two big companies fighting for a patent, which also applies to copyright law - then the war in court is worth the candle. Profitable company and seizure of counterfeit goods, because the party is destroyed illegal products, that is prevented by causing economic damage, but for money for the sale before production can be eliminated "- says Gregory Freidin, senior counsel of the legal office" GUY ".

In Europe the situation is opposite. There's piracy fight "for life and death." For example, in Germany last fall was closed seven servers, the largest file-sharing network eDonkey. Also ceased to exist Germany's largest engine-portal France is about to begin a mass campaign to combat piracy and consumers of counterfeit goods, it openly declares the country's president Nicolas Sarkozy.

But in Russia, nothing like this happens in the near future will hardly happen. At the moment, the most weighty action to combat piracy is a massive destruction of counterfeit products. However, to destroy several thousand CDs and punish the perpetrators of the emergence of these same disks - things are absolutely incomparable.

Juno Avos


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