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Household appliances and the invisible threat: security rules - January 5, 2007

January 5 2007

All appliances that significantly facilitate our homework, make the house cozy and comfortable, both are sources of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields created by them. But these fields can not be called favorable for our health.

Their most "harmless" effects may be a general malaise, fatigue, dizziness. A long and strong impact effects can be much worse: a serious disorder of the nervous, immune, reproductive, cardiovascular systems.

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Particular risk women, who more time than other family members spend in the kitchen. For there, on a small, usually square centered bulk appliances: refrigerator, coffee grinder or coffee maker, electric stove, extractor fan. When you use several devices at the same time the field with different characteristics are superimposed on each other, resulting in a complex, difficult to predict the field.

Serious adverse effects on health has a magnetic field, which until recently was considered harmless. Many scientists were in shock when the results of studies showing the relationship between development of cancer and long work of several appliances at once. Note that even more strongly influenced by high-voltage transmission lines to those living in the vicinity of their passage.

Which of the assistants is potentially the most dangerous enemy of our health? Leading positions firmly hold microwave ovens and computers. They are followed by electric cookers, refrigerators, fluorescent lamps, televisions, vacuum cleaners. Others - hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, toasters, washing machines - can be considered practically harmless.

How to minimize their impact on our health? Rules for creating a safe environment simple. First of all, to talk about diseases that develop in the radiation, is possible only under the condition that their number, they are superimposed on each other and influence for a long time. Secondly, the principal is not so much the magnitude of the field as the distance to the device and the time to work with him. Consequently, including a microwave oven or cooker, best go away from them until they do not beep will report on the completion of work.

Toasters, roasters, coffee grinders and coffee makers hardly anyone uses a long time, so that they pay attention and should not be. More or less continuously working refrigerator, and possibly an electric heater. But the first machine to include a short time, then disconnects. Still, it is better not to take risks and place it somewhere in a corner of the kitchen, away from the sofa, armchairs, dining table, plates - in short, no closer than 1,2 meter away from the people.

Those who watch TV regularly and in large quantities, should be put favorite chair in front of him at least five feet: please note that from the side walls of the electromagnetic radiation is even stronger than on the screen. Security can be a distance of more than 40 cm from the cookers and 30 cm from the electric heater.

Separately, it should be said about the computer. It is desirable to arrange it so that no rear or side walls of the system unit and monitor were not directed into the room. The ideal situation to - in the corner overlooking the street.The minimum distance from the computer and the screen should be about 50 cm is possible to buy LCD monitor, since its radiation is much less than that of monitors with cathode ray tubes. Do not leave it switched on for a long time, if not in use.

Candidate biophysical sciences Eugene P. Bicheldey.

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