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Choosing your first "SLR"

September 4 2007

The first digital SLR camera has become an experimental model of Sony Mavica. In Mavica were interchangeable lenses, and the matrix was 570 × 490 resolution pixels (0.28 megapixels), the record was done on 2-inch floppy disk.

The reason for the popularity of SLRs in the 21 century, above all, better image quality, speed and lower prices for "DSLR" entry level. Get a picture of even the most simple mirror devices, much cleaner and without noise in low light. Another advantage - it is exchangeable optics.

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Sales are growing and because of the left on almost all SLR cameras, "amateur" mode - the presence of the Automatic and Scene allows beginners to easily adapt.

Lightning focus - is something that strikes you when you first pick up a modern digital "SLR." The complete absence of shutter lag. Saw a goal - focused - withdrew. Digital compacts it and never dreamed of.

Even a matter of convenience, the developers have almost solved. Canon 400 D, Nikon D 40, Sony Alpha, and other polulyubitelskie models from Olympus and Samsung for its compactness can not argue with many SLR cameras. If you prefer a larger camera with a comfortable grip, then you can always buy a battery handle and okvadratit your camera. All of the above applies to the interchangeable lenses, which can weigh from 100 grams to several kilograms. All of your choice.

The first harbinger of the popularization of "DSLR" camera was Canon EOS 300D, 4 years ago it cost $ 1000. Now the most simple digital SLR cameras you can buy 2 times cheaper.

How to choose a company the manufacturer? If in the professional segment of reflex cameras dominated by Canon and Nikon, then among the low cost cameras they got a real competitor. So, for example, Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm, and Samsung make very good compact "SLR" cheaper $ 1000.

But the preference, it is desirable to give leader - fly with the prospect of replacing the camera, while you do not need to update an expensive set of lenses.

The number of megapixels SLR camera is not critical and only affects the maximum size of the image. Of course, the more the better, but for good shots is enough 6.8-megapixel resolution.

In SLR cameras, everything depends on the optics. Sensitivity is one of the main characteristics of the lens. The higher it is, the better the pictures taken at dusk or dark room. Be aware of this when buying a camera - almost all mirrored devices up to 1000 dollars, are beginning to make noise at iso 800 and above. So you definitely need at least one fast lens with an opportunity to open the aperture to 2.8 and below. Instead of the standard "plastic" whale lens aperture portretnik buy, its price fluctuates around $ 100.

But do not forget that a masterpiece can be removed even mobile phone camera, takes a photographer. Camera - is just a tool in the hands of the photographer. Therefore, a person able to see the picture, feel the track, the light reflex camera literally untie his hands and allow to realize any creative vision. If not, then there is no sense to spend money on expensive photo equipment.

toke Vitvitskiy


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