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Wonders of progress: Robots learn to drink wine, what will happen next?

September 4 2006

... And finally, we waited. Very soon people will forget many of their daily household affairs. All of them will fall on the shoulders of tireless worker-robots. Moreover, the robots will replace people, even in such delicate and difficult matter as the wine tasting.

Specialists of the Japanese company NEC System Technologies and Mie University have given its new development, a humanoid robot that can recognize the taste of wine, and cheeses and other snacks.

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Funny blue-white e-humanoid 60-centimeter height recognizes the taste by infrared spectroscopy, which helps to analyze the quality and quantity of the components of the studied products, without opening the packaging.

In the electronic memory of the robot lays the so-called absorption spectra accurately identify the foods and beverages.

Combining new information with existing directory, the robot is able to differentiate the brand and composition of wines. Then the robot shrill voice informs the host about the results. He may also ask the user what wine he prefers, and make recommendations based on owner requests.

It is worth the robot at this stage about the car, even though the creators are hoping to reduce that amount to less than $ 1000.

Meanwhile, the Japanese company ZMP has presented a novelty - the musical robot MIURO. Its purpose - simply to play music and follow the user everywhere.

Robot MIURO made in futuristic style and will be available in four colors (black, white, yellow and orange). Weight novelties - 5 kg, and size - 35 x 22 cm To download the media content is the built-in IEEE 802.11 b / g (Wi-Fi), and for storage - hard disk capacity from 10 GB to 60 GB. The device is able to play files like MP3, WMA and WAV.

Zest robot - the presence of a docking station for iPod. MIURO can move to the music, use a camcorder and a set of sensors to navigate in space. Comes with remote control. It is worth a $ 950 robot.

Russian users already available robot vacuum Karcher Robo Cleaner RC 3000. This intelligent device is capable of weighing 1.8 kg per hour of clean up to 15 square meters. meters of carpet or hard floors. Special sensors allow Robo Cleaner detect and overcome the obstacles encountered - stairs, ledges, corners, lying on the floor of the wire. Completely filling your trash, a robot vacuum cleaner itself gets to his base to unload garbage, recharge the battery (10-20 minutes). And again sent for cleaning. In standalone mode, the phone can work up to 1 hour.

Incidentally, in September in Miami an exhibition HD Boutique Expo, which will present a number of innovative ideas of "Hotel of the Future", organized by the Chicago-based design company Gettys and Hospitality Design Grou. According to the project participants, many of the seemingly fantastic ideas come into our lives in the next 20 years.For example, in the hotels appear robotic maids or "self-healing" mat, lint, which smooths itself after it has passed to people.

Constantine Woodpeckers

Adapted from: ITAR-TASS,,,

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