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Repent, and reboot! When the error message in the joy

March 3 2011

Oh, those computer error message! Perhaps nothing is as curses on the head of the creators of the resource or system. "Page does not exist", "System Error", "Not enough memory" ... These short phrases faceless downright infuriating. You can even make them more human? Thus, reports of system failure in the form of Japanese haiku or the British mysteries.

Rating of the most depressed occupations

Some time ago the web - first in the English-language resources, and then in runet - it was reported that a representative of the company "Sony" supposedly announced the creation of a new operating system. New "Operating System" was supposed to have many advantages over traditional systems, but also include "a nice bonus" for ordinary users. In particular, the standard error messages that are so angry and upset users, would be replaced by poetic haiku - the Japanese three-line poems that call to reflect on the issues of life and to temper my anger.

To test this wonderful news was unsubstantiated. But let us at least pomechatem ... Thus, there was a system failure. In front of your eyes opens a window, but it ...

You step into the river,
But the water remains the same ...
This web-page is not here.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes, loss of data.
Guess what happened.

Of little worth is your ire,
Because the network is down

Chaos in the system!
Stop, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return

The Web site you are looking for,
Impossible to find ...
But there are countless others.

The program closes.
Close all that you have worked,
You ask too much.

Serious mistake.
All the icons have disappeared.
Desktop and mind ... Both are empty.

Of course, those wonderful lines - the fruit of imagination of creative users. They come up and nestihotvornye puns on this subject. For example:

Trying to use a multi-tasking. The system was puzzled!

No error - no.

Unexplained error - Please tell us how this could happen.

Inadequate disk space - free of at least 500 mb.

Discovered a terrible mistake! God knows what happened.

No access to keyboard, pereprobuyte everything that comes to mind.

Some of these "jokes" were conceived as quite a serious text. But whether their creators summed vocabulary, or whether they still decided to make fun of the naive user.

Judge for yourself:

Administrator! To perform this operation, you are not allowed. Contact your administrator.

To shut down and restart of the computer you have sufficient permissions.

The name of prevention. Warning: something has happened.

Absolutely unknown error.

And finally:

Error. The operation completed successfully.

However, such witty lyrics have already been applied in reality. Many developers have time to reflect on the fact that the standard error message only spoil the mood, being also absolutely not informative. And made web-masters to task: the construction site to minimize the probability of error, and if it really happened - let the emergence of the Information window does not frustrate the user, and laugh at the same time tells you what to do next.

server and one British company to 404 pages - perhaps the most common on the Internet - are offering to calculate the number of legs in multinational elephant in the picture. Other programs carefully inquire: but if you get enough sleep and how to feel. Or are accompanied by commentaries on the causes of failure not long title "An error has occurred" a short and succinct interjection "Oh!". Some sneer: "Our program is completely useless, it only takes place on the hard disk. The one who found her application should be referred immediately to a psychiatrist. "

Perhaps the authors of the last message a few overdone. But in general a good idea. In this age of advanced technology is becoming more and more opportunities to display their individuality and creativity. And why not diversify this unpleasant phenomenon, as a computer error.

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