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American flying saucers destroy the planet?

March 1 2007

Having decided to deploy in the Czech Republic and Poland, a powerful radar and 10 missile surface-to-air, the United States actually began the next stage of the global arms race. In the coming years, the U.S. will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on new weapons.

Now U.S. researchers have focused on the development of a new stroboscope an impact on the human nervous system. The unit capacity of 7.5 million candles, nothing but a paralyzing ray. To develop his confidence in the company Peak Systems.

The range of this device, code name of the Maxa Beam, will be about two and a half miles. It must be the most effective means of suppression of hundreds of people.

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Recently, held in Abu Dhabi international military salon Corporation General Dynamics submitted a multi-purpose warship new generation - trimaran LCS. It provides a small airstrip, which fits two antisubmarine helicopters and several unmanned aerial vehicles. Maximum speed of new items will be 96 km / h, and the basic set of weapons will include a tri-57-mm gun, as well as anti-aircraft missile system.

By 2009, at the service of the U.S. Navy should do several prototypes LCS. According to the Pentagon's plans for 2018 in the U.S. Navy, there should be more than fifty.

At the same time in Germany and undergo regular testing of the latest small arms produced in the United States. In the most recent tests were conducted firing automatic grenade launcher XM25, assault rifles and heavy machine gun SM320 XM312.

The new weapons are diminishing returns and improved accuracy of hits. So grenade XM 25, equipped with electronic ballistic computer, night vision devices and infrared sight. Machine gun XM312 weighs no more than a modern machine, with its impact when firing is minimized.

Upon request, U.S. Air Force company Triton Systems has developed a flying machine, the form and size resembling a flying saucer for playing "frisbee". The official name of new items "modular diskokryloe weapons for action in urban environments." At the "board" is remotely controlled plates will be placed bombs. Plate can fly into any cracks in the basement and search for "probable" enemy.

Very soon will be the world's first remote control helicopter to rescue people. 8-meter helicopters, will be able to reach speeds of up to 150 km / h. The apparatus developed in the Israeli army. He was able to independently collect the wounded during the fighting and bring them to the hospital.

Not going to fall behind in the arms race and our army. Russian Navy, together with Italy are developing a new small dizelelektricheskuyu submarine fourth generation "Amur 1650" and high-speed underwater torpedo engine. In addition, both parties are working to create a modern anti-submarine aircraft based on Il-114.

In missile forces of Russia, too, new items, so the media comes more and more information about unique in accuracy shooting missile complexes "Iskander-E" and "Kornet-E".At the last exhibition in UAE "Aydeks-2007 Russia introduced more than 500 types of weapons. Including news defense: mobile anti-aircraft missile systems of long-range S-300PMU-2 "Favorit" and "Antey-2500", Tor-M1, Buk-M1-2 "Igla", and of course the sensational anti-aircraft missile system "Tunguska-M1.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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