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Nick Perumov: "I was silent too long"

April 21 2011

On April 19, "New book on Nick Sukharev Perumov personally presented his book" The name of the beast "(completion of the cycle" The Seven animals Raylega).

Nick Perumov: "I was silent for too long." 16509.jpeg Cult Russian sci-fi writer Nicholas Perumov presented a new book - "The name of the beast", completes the cycle "The Seven animals Raylega. This long-awaited book, like the cycle is essentially a new milestone in his work. Previous volumes - "Turn" (2007) and "Aliedora" (2009) showed a new facet of the talent of the author, who showed the history of the main characters as the unified and at the same time personal struggle, compromise, light and dark started.

Creativity Perumova can be treated differently. You can love his books, regardless of the manner of writing, the psychological validity of characters, the presence or absence of drive and action. Can you not love them for the nervousness of a syllable, expressive rhetorical and straightforward division of the world in black and white. But one does not change - this writer discovered in the 90 years readers Russia radically different worlds, which in our literature has ever had.

Just as Professor Tolkien was a measure of the quality of any available fantasy, but still very do not want to say goodbye to the world of Middle Earth forever. Perumov his first book "The Ring of Darkness" has given such an opportunity - and the literary world has become much closer. So close that gradually the distinction between foreign and creativity to our attitude towards him became clear. Thanks to the Internet and the purely human subjectivity.

The release of "Name an animal" waiting for a long time. Still, a gap of several years between volumes rather tedious. The author himself at the presentation pointed out that this book is for him is very significant because in it he, in fact, brought unusual for a type of hero. Not for nothing the first two volumes even called by name the main characters.

Perumov: "I am" seven beast "was trying to create a new hero, abandoned the principle of" lesser evil "that was the quintessence of all my previous books. Get strange, but interesting, unlike Perumova to which you are accustomed to for many years. Someone said, "Turn" is boring, this hero is too bright for me, you need plenty of darkness and blood, when she came "Aliedora" I got the opposite view: oh, too gloomy, bloody, scary, do not look so. A whole book has been conceived as a classical hypothesis - antithesis - synthesis. Tezoy was light Turn a paladin who does not live a lie and is trying to save those around him at any cost, even at the cost of his life. Combining Terna and Aliedory - a synthesis of their last battle, where they must unite and stand up and win. Neither light nor darkness can not cope here - only the union of light and darkness, which is built on compromise, on the interpenetration - he alone can lead to victory. "

In his opening speech, Nick Perumov thanked those "who contributes to the fact that the book culture in Russia is not dead, not to turn into nothing, and the camp dust."Speaking of the released two-volume, and anticipating the question - why two rather than one pretty thick book, which we love so much, he explained, not without irony that such a situation - an inevitable consequence of the fact that any book written immediately be posted on the network free, and author of "ought" to be hungry, poor and live under a bridge, "well, or at least be the operator of the gas boiler. Unfortunately, most often on the Internet you can find an opinion that you can not write for money - it zhlobstvo. True, the author writes only for free.

Perumov: "fell on hard times, and publishers are forced to spin as soon as they can. Do not think that they are sitting fatcat fat cats, capitalists - not, unfortunately, this kind of business is struggling for survival, for survival, and if we do not support at least to some degree, they now remain only with what lies the network laid out by the authors on samizdat, and similar resources.

Would be very nice if yours truly had a large estate - I'd be a good gentleman, I would not have smacked of serfs in the stables, nor wearied to heavy tributes and corvee, and in his spare time writing books that would be you, my dear readers, they would receive a token money. But alas - life has changed irrevocably, and although yours truly very long combined science with literature, but not always it turns out as you want. You should always try something different, something new. While I am almost 20 years require - write as he wrote "The Death of the Gods" as the "Ring of Darkness", it says only one thing - readers slightly overestimate their desire to read the same book. The same books are very stale quickly, you should try to look for other topics.

In this case, the most Perumova to complain about the lack of genre diversity. From his pen came out nearly 30 volumes with a circulation of more than 15 million copies, is an absolute record for Russia's fantasy. Several of his books have been translated into Polish, Czech, Swedish, German, Bulgarian, Slovak, Estonian and German. Based on the novel "The Diamond Sword, Wooden Sword" was created with the same name RPG computer game.

Perumov: "America the genre of fantasy rapidly martiniziruetsya (ed. - George RR Martin, author of the popular series of books in the fantasy" The Song of Ice and Fire "), then there is a pseudo-narrative, rather cruel, magicians and wizards go, People are, in short, take the "Song of ice and fire" and clone it. Unfortunately, the West is very great power of the editor. Often, he dictated to the author, what and how to write, this does not apply only to those who have attained a certain height, Neil Gaiman, for instance. Plenty of sex, you can enter infanticide and always will be morally unscrupulous hero who will be fascinating and charming, and the girls will admire Kawainui nyashechkoy. Rules of the game, what to do. "

His last novel, "Turn" and "Aliedora were greeted with mixed audiences, but have not gone unnoticed by critics. By the way, the second book of the cycle won 2 awards Moscow festival of science fiction "Silver Arrow" in the categories "Best female character" and "Best fantasy world" in 2010.

Perumov: "We have formed a radically new environment. For the year in the United States sold 10 million bookreaders - it's the same people who voluntarily signed up for the rather onerous conditions for receiving new books. But in America there is a clear rule: If you are using something - pay for it.Favorite bookstore, restaurant, coffee shop - you go there and leave there their labor dollars, because if you do not do this - one day in his place will be McDonald's or Starbucks, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, e-books - this is our future that awaits us all, it's convenient, great, good and beautiful, and we need to learn to live in this new environment.

At the time of Gutenberg's press had left the profession copyist unnecessary books. Perhaps this too was considered the end of civilization, and the collapse of everything. I very much hope that the current digital revolution will lead to a qualitatively new state in which people will be available for everything. All publichka, all Leninka, archives, classical literature ... Everything that is rich in humanity, must be available and supported. The same copyright terms are monstrous - 70 years after his death, the madness of some sort ...

Should be a reasonable limitation. But you can not just pick up and knock the formation of people for whom writing - not just a pastime, but something much more. There is such a word - responsibility to the reader. She comes in, including when you should not just meet the demand and expectations of readers, but also to achieve harmony of its moral principles. Then the books will live. "

Nick Perumov - a popular Russian science fiction writer and founder of the genre rossiykogo fantasy, an engineer-physicist. Received wide acclaim after its first publication in 1993 of the epic "Ring of Darkness", which takes place in Middle-earth by JRR Tolkien. Multiple winner of "science fiction of the year". Since 1998 he lives and works in the U.S. (North Carolina) with his wife and three children. Working in a scientific institute on its core specialty - Biophysics and Molecular Biology. In Russia, is rare.

Valentin Gridin

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