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How to get into television: the experience of casting a scandalous show

May 18 2011

On the other side of the screen - top, floodlights, cameras, stars, producers ... On this side of the screen - the house, study, work, cities and villages, and ... We - 99,9% of the people: everyone who does not work on TV. But to get from one side of the screen to another is easier than most people think. Yoki author tells how she is casting on the popular reality show.

I will not talk about how to hide in a bus marked "TV" or jump from a parachute on the roof of Ostankino. These methods are too extreme, ineffective and illegal. The surest and logical way: m. "ENEA", trolley or jitney "until stop" Telecenter ", Building 12 on the street, Academician Korolev, the main entrance.

How to get into television: the experience of casting a scandalous show. 16607.jpeg In the 93-year telecentre tried to storm. Failed. You have no chance anymore. Persuade a policeman with a gun to miss you inside will not succeed. Log in telecentre can only be with a pass. A permit can be obtained, even if thou hast a spectator crowd and you just pop.

As a general rule, filming a talk show always needs extras, they are the same - the audience in the studio, which the team laugh and applaud. Enough to call the editors talk shows, and you can call the next time you shoot, and offer to come.

If you came to the studio extras - Try to choose a place on the podium to be in sight of the presenter and TV cameras. The main principle is simple, as the spire of the Ostankino Tower - must be like. Then, as a minimum, you are invited for the next shot. At most, you can become the hero of the next program.

You must be charming, original ideas gush forth, to have an unusual appearance and ... persistence. You can try to look into all editions of succession and to recommend himself as a hero of the program. Proven method of Lieutenant Rzhevsky: nine editions will send you to hell, but in the tenth ...

My past experience ...

A friend mentioned that the TV show "Windows" is another casting actors willing to portray brawlers under the strict guidance of Dmitry Nagiyev. Chance to shine in such a wonderful show, I thought, must be used. Grandma's in the stores, maybe start to recognize me, "Valya, who killed and ate five husbands, and ask for autographs. Inexhaustible source of optimism. I have a girlfriend vytsyganila telefonchik ....

All samples were in one room, very crowded and noisy. It turns out that artists for the show intact buses brought in from other cities because the local "nezasvechennye" resources are almost exhausted. People half consisted of students acting schools, the other "actors" were very different: from grandparents, though just a communist parade before the young and well-dressed girls. During the two hours that I spent in waiting for my "type" will need someone from the writers pereobschalas with all other applicants.

A couple from Peter rehearsed the scene in which he would be "crazy husband who wants to buy a deer." And his wife did not understand, and suited the family scenes. Four girls and two young men competed for the title of "two sisters-rivals and walk my husband." One of the sisters is the wife of the hero, the other - a mistress and a close friend of his wife. The guys all already thought of themselves.Farthest away from me sat an elderly lady in her nightgown and a hat, which hung beads. "Crazy" - explained to me "experienced". - "There is full of such."

Fun worried, it seems, only me. Others wanted to earn extra money: fifty dollars for a plot. But the shot only once in six months that a person does not remember.

- Girl, 23 years old, beautiful! - There was another cry, because the writers were looking for in the room they need types. Leaflet with the scenario presented to me. Role has been successful: I played a normal person. Also in the finals because I had to fight the current and former boyfriends, that is, of course, I'm flattered. I was supposed to return to the former, since the current during the show gave my intimate secrets. For example, I do not like to shave their legs and drink vodka alone.

- And we have with you from one scenario the role? - Finally found a topic to talk about a nice young man, long shot at my side eyes. It turned out, not one. While we were practicing a scenario, he secretly told that the first channel needs extras for some serials or massive show. "300 rubles per day of shooting, 600 - if you will say a small role." And I wrote telefonchik. And its not forgotten, just fire.

Barely three more hours, came as a screenwriter - to assess my acting skills: I am in my own words retold role in it - read the rest. Played, as it seemed to me easily and naturally.

Role of the woman and injured innocence in life is played regularly. "Your partner is much more aggressive. He'll score, "- thinking," said screenwriter. Apparently, it was adopted in the "Windows" the official polite form of rejection, because after that I was advised to wait a little longer: "Raleigh still has."

I obediently sat still for an hour. Then he nervously paced the zalchiku trying to organize the flow of blood from otsizhennoy priests, looked at the window, incurred for the evening and thought that playing in the "Windows" does not so interesting. Thought, thought, and walked away.

I have a friend of a celebrity, which now and then call on any show without castings. Says funny. That's - I understand. So there is a new plan: it is necessary to become a star.

Stanislavsky would not believe

Some time ago I served as editor-in TV talk shows with substitute. Not in the "Windows", but very like them. In all subjects should have been on the scheme: A loves B, but it flew by C, so B of resentment rushes to D, which, in turn, it regularly Tapping, upivshis vodka. And think not you dare to smuggle into the story something more. Resolution boss "is not close to the people", "Literature", "cinema" - a plot in the basket. Do not have time to dash off something aspect - nothing to do in the second stage. Then stay without premium, and sometimes without pay.

I, as editor, was otsmatrivat contenders for the role of their subjects and with each rehearsal. Often, even after four days of almost round the clock selection could not be "close to people." Had to deal with "people from the street." The main criteria for selection were sanity and relevance, which most often lacking. Sometimes, luck, the hero still detected and abilities, but mostly it was a disaster.

Nevertheless, work my way was me just rehearsals and filming. Where else would I be able to rehearse, "to put" feel heiress Stanislavsky. And I refers to the process seriously.The result is never justified the effort, and it was painful. But this once and for all routine change nothing was impossible. And I eventually got used to. I regard the work as to only work. However, at the same time I hated his work and. And quit almost immediately.

Valentina Markova

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