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"Paragraph 78" well read

March 29 2007

Published a second part of the fiction thriller "Paragraph 78: Paragraph 2. For those who have not seen the first, recall that the plot gets special forces detachment secret mission and sent to the missile base. There, the heroes are faced with mortal danger - a mysterious virus. Furthermore, relations are strained in the unit because of an unresolved love triangle between the commander Goodwin (Gosha Kutsenko), Scythians (Vladimir Vdovichenkov) and Lisa (singer Slava).

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In the second part of the picture viewer is promised not only isolation of the triangle, but the answer to the question, why the character Gosha Kutsenko name Goodwin? That's about it and asked the commander of Doctor. What Goodwin replied that his name is so, because he a magician. However, this answer is more like a riddle. Viewers will have to guess the entire movie: what Goodwin Kutsenko magician, evil or good? Or did he simply not a magician, but just mentally unbalanced type, a madman or a man blinded by misfortune? As you know, a good wizard creates good deeds, but evil - evil. In Goodwin, the same sort of logic: he is vindictive and cruel, that magnanimous. Goodwin deciding the fate of his comrades. At the beginning of the film, he first learned that the men are infected with the virus, and a few hours die. But first lose any human form, because the virus affects the immune system so that people gradually from homo-sapiens is transformed into an animal. The old vaccine against the virus impotent. Doctor reveals the development of a new antidote. All is good, but that the serum was prepared, we need methionine, an amino acid, which, according to doctors, is contained in any tablets. That's only in kits with riot police for some reason there are no pills.

Frustrated doctor commits suicide, and Goodwin did not even bothering to ask colleagues in the detachment, perhaps someone's lying around pills.

Doomed to inevitable death, one thing remains - to enforce the second paragraph of Paragraph 78. Order gives Goodwin. So what is it? " See for yourself. The protesters, of course, are. Perhaps the time of the protest could be called one of the most impressive scenes of the film, in which all the characters cling to guns and admonish one another barrel. Shots madly spinning like a carousel, and the actors yelling in hysterics.

But the most violent reaction of the hall caused a completely different time.

Special Forces waiting despondently. Festival goes back and forth, it's annoying fox. She throws him, saying that as you squirrel in a cage. Then the festival and begins to depict bounding squirrel, they say, is how the protein behaves. For someone of the characters asks.

- Are you registered it stand, protein?

Prolonged laughter.

The filmmakers could pay for "boevikovye" gadgets: here you and flying bullets in slow motion, and broken glass, and fighting, and shooting and blood. Violent death savor.

Sex and violence in these "deadly sins" to blame the modern mass culture, but the creators of Paragraph followed the English proverb: the lesser of two evils choose the lesser, in their view - is violence. Sex and the movie itself is not. And although the love story line is almost the main, in the picture is not even a single kiss.About the only sex joke: jokes among Anyone Festival and Spam on same-sex love or cynical remarks Goodwin - is such a strawberry. Anyway, love the movie speak more than her show. And even the words of Goodwin, facing a rival for the heart of the Foxes - Scythians, that he, Goodwin, died at a moment when I saw that it embraces the Scythian, do not sound convincing. Because little sense. In general, destructive passion, because of which clouded mind the commander on the screen is not visible.

As for magic, created by the good hands of a magician Goodwin, then it will certainly happen in the movie, but first you need to go through a whole series of needless deaths, oh, well, the most important special effects science fiction thriller, too, laid up at last.

Lisa Roslova


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