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Cook: a film about a little girl and big adults

November 28 2007

November 29 cinema screens left in hire a new Russian film "The Cook". Premiere was held at a cinema "October" with actors and film director. "Cook has already toured many festivals and was first presented at the Sochi Kinotavr-2007. Critics of the festival "a film about love," appreciated very cool, and the audience standing ovation.

What movie? About a little girl, nicknamed "Cook, who lives in a dilapidated wooden house in St. Petersburg. Cook 6 years, but it is brave, resourceful and intelligent beyond his years. She lives alone, she goes shopping, cooking, and never for a moment parted ways with the teddy bear, whose eyes instead of one big white button.

The main heroine of the film, Lena (Dina Korzun), travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In the capital, is a cozy apartment, a prestigious job and loveless man. In Peter Lena ustaivayte caseworker, although the chief of service (Alexander Polovtsiev) is not eager to take to his staff the rich "Mother Theresa". But Lena is not afraid of heavy bags of buckwheat, which should give the apartments, no crazy colleagues Jeka and earrings, mowing in sotssluzhbe from the army, or other "charm" of new work.

Cook once and Lena met on one of the autumnal streets of St. Petersburg. Lena wants to help this country, but a charming blond girl with silly string bag and piercing eyes. But Cook does not want to completely seen by sympathetic aunt is hiding in every way, and nobody knows who she is and from where. A girl Lena can not get out of my head ...

Then there will be searching, tears, angry dog, to check to use his good and faithful dog, funny and sad scenes revelations Aunt Clara - alcoholic neighbor, which is brilliantly played by Marina Golub, Peter and Autumn.

All ends well, as a good Christmas tale. But the film not only has an extraordinary positive - it makes us think, smile, want to make the world better, as it may sound trite. Hour and a half tape looks the same breath. Very good to watch this movie a gloomy autumn evening, wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Written and directed by "Cookies" Jaroslav Chevazhevsky commented on his creation: "During the filming of" Cookies "Nastia Dobrynin, who played the heroine, was 6 years old. This film - a real life, like a fairy tale, and the script is clearly born out of my head. The shooting took place in St. Petersburg. But here you do not see the architecture, or some other iconic locations in the city on the Neva. Peter - is, first of all, people and atmosphere. Should not be taken "Kuku" as tearful melodrama. He was funny. Piercing, but after he wants to live. In general - we rented a movie. In my opinion not bad ... But I'm still very worried. "

Despite his young age, Nastya - a professional actress. Behind this little girl with a lively, charismatic and absolutely not a puppet person over 20 works.

"The worst thing for me was to light a match - to share with reporters surrounding it with a little Nastya. - I was very afraid - because it is fire! And friends are very happy for me when they heard about the film. By the way, they're all here. "

Dina Korzun remembered most memorable moments from the filming: "When I saw the script, I read it for half an hour, and I really liked it. The film is about a little girl and big adults, which is what she learned. This movie is for people - all in the world depends on us and we will make our lives. There were many amusing moments at work with Nastya. She's very funny and at the same time a very intelligent and clever, despite their age. Was very difficult to shoot the dog. According to the scenario we had to fear this cute dog, but Dallas refused to throw at us, since we became friends. And two more words about "Cook" - do not be sad! Everything will be fine. "

Hall of all those gathered waiting for another surprise. On the seat cinema audiences were waiting for gifts - touching the colorful teddy bear that a slight movement of the hands turned into a bright red heart. Bears - not just a symbol of the film, but also a symbol of unprecedented charity event "Open your heart - help children", which aims to attract public attention to the problem of sick children and orphans.

As part of the movie rental together with charities, this action simultaneously with the release of the film has started in many big cities in Russia. In addition to simple human compassion everyone who buys a ticket to the movie "Cook" can help children - from every ticket sold production company «Staralis» will transfer the funds to help individual children. Likewise, all participants receive shares of a yellow ribbon charity - in this way on city streets, motorists and pedestrians will be able to express their attitude and compassion for children left without parents.

All about running charity event will be available on-line at the official website of the movie kyka. ru. Project, including supporting charity fund "Give Life" Chuplan Khamatova and Dina Korzun.

Elena Pakhomenko


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