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"Gagarin's Grandson": a relative of the astronaut was black!

March 28 2007

April 12 screens goes directorial debut of actor Andrei Panin "Gagarin's Grandson". Film on plight temnonokozhego teenager, who lives in Russia.

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In one provincial town living artist Fedor (Gennady Nazarov). The lame, the sick, the bearded idealist - the grandson of Gagarin, who dreams of writing in this life is something really worthwhile. Its terms of communication - each Tolyan (Andrei Panin), a local skinhead, and the ex-wife (Natalia Rogozhkin), organizer of art exhibitions. Once Fedor learns that he has a brother, a teenager. Who lives in an orphanage. He is a big bully, rowdy and a robber. But this is not the main thing the main thing - that he is black.

"You see, Gagarin traveled around the world and women, well, you know, without a mat. He met my grandmother, she was not opposed and he, too, "- explains the origin of its younger brother named Gena (Don Lema). Fedor takes the gene of an orphanage home, and here begins the main action.

In the role of genes Gagarin made his debut boy from suburbs Done Lem. Casting director looking for a suitable role for genes teenager a few months: the acting and modeling agencies, orphanages and schools. Found a hero among his acquaintances.

Papa Lem works at Mosfilm. At the casting all the guests read poetry guy, but Don did not read. He taught others how better to do it. Andrei Panin and Tamara Vladimirtseva (second director) just noticed this bright-eyed young man. In addition, Don was wearing a jacket several sizes larger, so even with a huge shoulders. Do not pay attention to the young man was not possible.

- Tell me, Don, and whether there is between you and your hero have something in common?
- Yes. Maybe I'm just a hooligan as he is. I recently broke my finger classmate. And the characters here are very similar.

In terms of genre movie tragicomedy. Since the main characters are constantly taking place some mishap: they have to fight with the local skinheads, then with Caucasians. Small Gene falls in love with a rich girl, but her dad does not want his daughter associate with punk, and builds all sorts of intrigues young lovers.

Despite all this, the film ends, in principle, well. Why at all? Because none of the characters does not die. But what awaits them ahead?

Natalia Savchenko


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