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Harmless humor Lars von Trier

March 28 2007

We agree that it sounds somewhat paradoxical. However, the way it is: put aside at the time of shooting over the final part of a trilogy about the U.S., which included "Dogville" and "Manderlay" - pictures of pretty innovative and fun especially not in possession - disgraceful Dane easily and naturally filmed uncharacteristic for a comedy.

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Given that the master Trier of those pioneers that do not look for easy ways, a comedy made in the office style, one whose name can dip into sadness. The idea of a plot invented them long ago: Head of IT-company, intending to sell his company faces a small problem - the lack of nominee director. It turns out that a long time he fooling everyone around (including their own subordinates), posing as a representative of hiding somewhere in the heart of America's "Most Important Boss" - so as not to discredit myself wrong - in terms of staff - the orders. And then bad luck - the potential buyers to the finish stage want to make a bargain with this mythical director, and not with its much more real "representative". The remedy is found, it would seem simple: in short - only at the time of signing the documents for the sale - the role of "Boss" invited a friend of the actor. However, due to absurd coincidence that the first negotiations break down, have a figurehead director and co-workers a little more time than he would like, and here it illuminates that the company odd things were happening ...

The film was shot with Danish actors and, accordingly, in Danish. This allowed Trier satirically beat tensions between Danes and Icelanders, and in particular, long memory for past historical injustices. You have to see in what a fit of passion from their own contempt Icelandic haired boss, anxious to buy a Danish firm, with the strain and the mother, of course, language screams: "Stupid Danes! Dirty talkers! ", And then walked away in a rage to pull on stupid striped cap. Here, apparently, has its share calculation: Trier had once admitted that he noticed compatriots in inexplicable masochism - he was not sick of these splashes Icelandic aggression.

Note that the film is based on new technology «Automavision», not allowing the processing of the frame, any experiments with sound and additional lighting. And it is not just a technology. «Automavision» - the subject of a special director's pride and at the same time - a kind of panacea for the inherent Dane desire to control every turn of the camera: this time as the operator performed the computer. The innovation lay in the fact that refuse to accept the program built frame the filmmakers were still able, but the change in him something - no. I had to bravely push the button and wait for the next version of the settings offered by the computer.

And if you fold it all in a heap - filming, which lasted a little over a month, office as a place of action and new technology - we can not admit that prank Maitre cult movie completely failed. Well, as a brief timeout, as a result of well-deserved rest from his own cult. Also, somewhere in the region finals is difficult to escape the feeling that the audience is put on the guinea another experiment.And sending the characters to the manifesto "Dogma 95" and the poetry of Tarkovsky's film "The Mirror", and slightly mocking director's commentary between scenes that explain what all this means and how this should be treated ... And some mythical playwright Gambini and approval: "Ibsen - dork "- frank because hooliganism.

... Admit it, you suspect that somewhere there is hidden a layer of hidden meanings inaccessible to you? ".. Enough, it's just a harmless Danish humor. And at the very beginning, by the way, you honestly warned about it.

In cinemas from April 5.

Alexander Mahina


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