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"Legion": religious heresy with good actors

January 28 2010

If tomorrow at noon the neighbor's grandmother - God dandelion throw at you, klatsaya teeth, and then playfully uderet on the ceiling, do not panic. Just come the Apocalypse. And soon you'll turn into the same running around on the ceiling, a monster with sharp teeth. Rescue one - get away from the city. God, who is once again angry with humanity, not wasting his talent on trifles and sends plagues only the megacities.

Those who managed to hide in a lonely roadhouse with an annual supply of cartridges, have a chance to survive, the firing of the Legion of saber-toothed zombies and their own delusions. And if it is a cafe located in Arizona's Mojave Desert, and he manages Dennis Quaid, then you are doubly lucky. Because after a couple of hours there perhaps Paul Bettany in the guise of the archangel Michael, who has not yet lost faith in humanity and I bet him with the Lord Himself.
This was how the Armageddon director Scott Charles Stewart, whose film "Legion" is out today on Russian screens. The fact that you first hear about this director, there is nothing to worry about. For Stewart's first feature film, but in the movie, he is no stranger.

Over the past ten years, Stewart's great grown expert in the art of creating special effects, to participate in this as in the action-masterpieces like "Sin City", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Iron Man". That is why the producer David Lancaster asked him to shoot a movie in which both the dramatic and spectacular aspect is equally important.

In fact, a film about the final battle between God and man could go out five years ago. That's how much pylilsya draft of the script in a table at Lancaster.
But he was in no hurry to release it into the production well aware that at such an attractive subject can be cut much more than earn a banal horror of how the Legion was conceived originally.

Techie Stewart c successfully completed the task, leaving from the previous scenario stone unturned. Reducing to a minimum and raschlenenku horror, he added a bit of mysticism, Freud, and social implications. And, finally, worked on the development of the main character (which the film nearly a dozen). This allowed the interest of good actors, but their agreement is automatically moved the painting from the category of genre films in the blockbuster category.
In the role of a fallen archangel Michael creators have only seen Paul Bettany. The problem was that the Briton, in principle, does not favor an entertaining movie. But after meeting with Stuart Bettany has agreed to immediately captivated by the director's approach.

"Scott thought his picture is much more thoroughly than anyone else other before him. He could show the outline of all the scenes ", - says the actor.According to him, "Legion" - "a very dynamic feature film in which there is stupidity, which is so sin pictures of this genre."

Following Bettany himself up and Quaid. "I really love working with good actors. To those who picked up Scott, we really could repel any attack, "- explains the actor.

55-year Hollywood veteran, who is equally authentically embodies the on-screen image reflectors intellectuals ("Smart People") and the upright martinet ("Cobra") had to play in the "Legion" somewhere - a desperate loser, which in moments of danger awakens the hero.

"History is really topical - Quaid says of the painting. - And at the same time, the film received a very dynamic and exciting. Scott showed the apocalypse with a fairly original parties. "

With these words, the actor is very precisely defined the character of another component of the film - the metaphysical. Despite claims by the director, he filmed the movie "the very essence of faith, to wait on the movie of the revelations and spiritual discovery is not necessary. This, of course, not "The Passion of the Christ" and even "The Book".

"Legion" - not a film about faith, using modern forms to reflect on the eternal truths, it is one hundred percent action, borrowed from the Bible, the main characters and central conflict. From a religious point of view - another heresy. With the secular - a cool action movie with meaning.
Alexander Starkov

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