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"Shift" shake moviegoers

September 25 2006

The wide rolling out a long-awaited thriller tectonic "shift." The premiere of the film, promises to be one of the most cash in the year, is scheduled for September 28. Despite various difficulties that have plagued this film, starting with a change of director and ending commonplace technical problems, the picture may be worth a success. At this time the filmmakers, among them Vladimir Kyllburg ("Antikiller", "Antikiller2: Anti-terror"), raised the problem of seismic weapons.

Long before the "shift" began to talk about that film is a warning of the implications of seismic weapons ... "We are not saying that a movie based on real facts, but rather as an allegory - says producer Vladimir Kyllburg - We just show to the which may result in improper steps in the use of modern scientific achievements in our already hectic time. "

"I do not think that there was found some special key for the PR of the picture. In my opinion, its main advantages - originality, singularity and a wide swing. "Shift" from the series of films that are gaining momentum in the process of rolling. Therefore, it seems to me that he caught film enthusiasts. People like it and they will talk about this movie, and more - more, - shared his opinion one of the main actors of the "shift", Oleg Taktarov.

The picture begins with a TV report from Russia, which reported on the devastating earthquake. The news burst like a whirlwind in the measured life scientist Sergei seismologist Lodygina (Dmitry Ulyanov), living and working in Amstredame. At one time he had investigated this site and found it seismically safe. Lodygin sure that the earthquake triggered by human activity.

The scientist wrote the article, which immediately reprinted in a number of major publications. Such "noise" absolutely no need for those who are preparing a terrorist act using seysmooruzhiya. Unsuspecting Lodygin receives an invitation to come to a scientific conference in Moscow, where he falls into a trap and becomes a pawn in someone else's game. " However, in someone else's game a pawn can become a queen!

Interestingly, the difficulties lay in wait Lodygina not only in the film. As the actor himself admitted Dmitry Ulyanov, it was not always easy to remember those formulas that are used him a hero. "So the scene with those of my records sometimes had to shoot with two doubles. But I hope that the viewer anything they do not read "- candidly acknowledged" newly appeared seismologist.

In filming the actors took part in both new and old school. Journalist Alina is perhaps one of the most beautiful actresses of contemporary Russian cinema Anna Churina ("oligarchs", "Bumer2"), Mikhail Efremov, "" Antikiller "," councilor ") appears as a secret scientist, Ivan Bortnik (The Meeting Place You can not change "," Antikiller ...) plays Lodygina own uncle, Boris Galkin ("In the area of special attention") - the general intelligence Vershinin, Mikhail Kozakov ("Amphibian Man", "Nameless Star", etc.) - Academician Kharitonov.

"The main feature of our film - we have a very good cast. During shooting, we made good friends with them. And the main character "shift", Dmitry Ulyanov, generally supported me. On the set the actors themselves have shown remarkable, unexpected and very human, why characters were very much alive. And I think that this is one of our major victories. After all, it is important not just to pronounce the text in the frame, and try to bring your game to the actor's what happens in real life ", - told in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru Anna Kelchevsky.

Following the best traditions of the national cinema, the creators have done now, interesting to the widest range of viewers."Shift" is certainly please those who like fantasy and real action with dynamic car chases and a unique choreographed fights. The painting will be a boon for fans of psychological thrillers, offering up to a limit tense plot. And fans of detective stories will be until the last minute to unravel the thread of mystery and intrigue, which ensnared the fate of the protagonist.

Lodygin - this is totally new for the modern Russian cinema type of hero, which is very different from the image of professional wrestler with the evil type of James Bond. The hero of "shift" just wants to live, he wants to be left alone, but it seems that he was only a little grain of sand, which is "wind" picks up the circumstances and inevitably bears somewhere.

"It is not easy now catch and finish, as is much to rethink and go in a given direction, besides, we are all different people and learn what is happening is ambiguous. But nevertheless, it seems to me that our film is absolutely fantastic ending, I'd say - idealistic. Anyway, the film is a fairy tale for the big boys and girls, as to this so seriously talking, I simply do not have so much pathos, - said director Anne Kelchesvskaya.

Author: Anastasia Kudinov


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