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"Shadow Boxing": good with his fists is over loot

March 22 2005

Shoot "cool Russian film" it becomes fashionable pastime. Domestic megablokba $ panthers like "Personal Numbers" and "Turkish Gambit" poured on the unfortunate spectator dolbirovannym muddy rain, armed to the teeth with special effects and genre "twists". And the slogan for all this abundance of brick-busting action suits only one: to catch up and overtake America '!

A few days ago has happened - to crafts, sponsored by Channel One, was added similar products RTR - boxing thriller "Shadow Boxing" from the director of a well-known TV series "Brigada" Alexei Sidorov. "Shadow Boxing" by its creators plan should stand in a number of other "famous fighters in the" B ":" Brother, "" Brigade "," Boomer. "

The plot of the movie is ridiculously simple, but in a nutshell it will not tell. The essence of that wonderful in every way a boxer and just a good man Artem Kolchin, blinded after a bout for the title of world champion, has a very tight: for him, his girlfriend Vika and her brother this very Wiki chase inveterate feesbeshniki and killer of his former boss. Subject to not only survive in an unequal battle, but also to defend the honor, love, and to realize his "simple patsanskuyu dream."

The plot is wonderful, but there is one "but." Do not believe it, but in a boxing movie that proudly called it as "our answer" Rocky, "" Ali, "" Raging bull "and" Million Dollar Baby, "put together" a very small box! No matter how touted Alexei Sidorov sporting success Denis Nikiforov, boxing is not happened! The only battle in the movie is too blurred and devoid of dynamics. Yes, with half a bucket of drool, embossed caps, krovischa circle - it is, but here are feeling this fight is still there. It seems that the main box in the film occurs in words - "I had doklassiruyu", "each hit the rails", "cutting the wild will," "will tear the paper like a monkey", "need to beat in the sun, in the liver." Impairing effects a la "The Matrix" is also not saved.

In short, in pursuit of the shadow of Hamlet's father did not have lasted even to the "Man of calcium" with Orlando Bloom.

Something, incidentally, happens to a fighter movies. Feeling that otherwise healthy men are no longer able to fill each other face. That women are fighting, the blind, the soon to do with homosexuals and persons with disabilities reach!

Ground for any action movie - it's heat of struggle between good and evil. Image of the main Malchish-horoshisha should be bright and immaculate. Denis Nikiforov, of course, perfectly coped with its role and joins a collection of goodies Russian cinema. Although again, that mythical, one might say, the epic scale, with whom he worked Danila Bagrov, he did not see it. Well, the main hero of the battle with the shadow, it seems, after the words "bring a greeting from Sasha White" went into the distance on the coolest cars.

As a rule, the villains in action movies is far more important goodies. Here and in the battle with the shadow of "five points you need to put Andrei Panin for the role of villain Vagit. Appearance perfect! Villain only pretends to good child, but in fact muddies the shady dealings, selling cocaine and exploits of young boxers. Bad as his killer serpent-like Fetisov. A colonel of the FSB Nechayev generally better not to remember - this villain with a birthmark on his neck last apple in a patient takes. In general, the team bad guys are tough!

Initially the film was aimed at success with young audiences. In the upbringing of the younger generation of "shadow boxing" is as vivid textbook of life. The image of her brother Wiki - a pioneer, a connoisseur of pyrotechnics, a womanizer, miner and a better accomplice in a bank robbery will go down in the consciousness of the youth and there will remain forever! One that's only to attack - is afraid of vampires.In the night watch with so do not go.

"Shadow Boxing" to stupor trying to be nice.

Here you and freaky masquerade with costumes of the XVIII century in the nightclub, theatrical dialogue from Shakespeare's output boxer Palmer in Egyptian costumes. Subject Kolchin reads Kipling, his girlfriend loves Vick Block, a pioneer draws on the roads, feesbeshniki polls memorized our William Shakespeare. Particularly remembered the last scene of the movie, in which Kolchin removed from the colony friends, dressed in latest fashion.

"Freaks" of the film are impressive. You bet! That riot descends from a helicopter, the crazy cabbie racing suit on the wrong side, then polpinka taken jackpot of one million "green presidents". All is well, even the notorious "product placement." Autodrome, and only. Volvo, Audi, BMW, Lexus - all the big oil majors have noted as much eye cuts. But the most interesting - a voice recorder, in which the villain Vagit dictate its orders. Why, one wonders? To advertise "Panasonic?

In the assembly, however, there are drawbacks. Material filmed so much that it would be enough for 4 of the series, not that one movie, but here are glued to this story tyap-boo-boo. Probably, the budget still Mr. Sidorov was not enough. How else to explain that the capture of the fortress commandos removed the evening, and the robbers knit some reason this morning?

One conclusion: the director of "Gang" Alexei Sidorov took "this patsanskoe movie" in which a goodie with a bang-Go Large villain bad guy and still in the money, a woman and ice cream. The film also painfully patriotic. Blacks bosses come to Mother Russia just to knock at the Tretyakov Gallery and complain Russian obscenities. Watch to get ready to cry and laugh!

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