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Shortbus: the most controversial film in cinema history

January 22 2007

It is finished. In Russian cinemas appeared the most shocking movie in the history of public cinema.

Director and writer John Cameron Mitchell last year at a private screening in Cannes got my share of applause and censure for the movie «Shortbus» («bus"). In Russian cinemas movie called "club Shortbus».

Events patterns occur shortly before a memorial outage in New York. The city presented a toy model, which is inhabited by all sorts of people, including gays, lesbians and freaks. As it becomes clear a little later, the film tells of how the case with sex in this big, but an unreal city.

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Scene from the first minutes makes even the most prepared viewers withhold lower jaw. In the very first frame gay Jamie, in an unusual position makes a blowjob, followed by ejaculation. A minute later, we closeups show hard sex normal American couple and this is just the beginning ...

Chinese woman Sofia works sexologist. The entire film, it suffers from the fact that never in his life knew no orgasm. The girl freak Severin long dreamed of a simple woman's happiness, and not the next jerk, which requires flogging. Gay Jamie takes a documentary, and for five years now afraid of "stronger" relationship with another gay man, who on a whim of a writer, too, bears the name of Jamie. Taken together, these strange characters come to the club under the name «Shortbus», where dozens of others like they are people who are trying to solve their sexual problems and to be liberated.

The club, where everyone knows each other secrets and restrictions do not exist. Here, everything is possible and even more. Main "to find the correct connection and it does not matter man or woman, old mayor of New York or pimply voyeur.

"Pornography!" - Shouted some criticism. "Brilliant!" - The second cry. "Plagiarism!" - Draw a line third. And all of them in its own right. The film, which passed all bounds decent, many-sided, but not original. Even in the 70 years of the last century geniuses of Italian cinema Paolo Pasolini, Mikilandzhelo Antanioni and Bernardo Bertolucci shocked Puritan public with their sexual revelations. The new audience, most are not stared pictures of these great directors, once again played the human drama, a satire on modern society and tragicomedy.

Lack of understanding between people, the aimlessness of their existence, the spiritual emptiness of the main characters, the violation of moral principles - in the world cinema all this already. John Cameron Mitchell shocked the audience the most primitive manner, a continuous spectacle of extremely explicit sex scenes and vulgar jokes. And many viewers like it.

The apotheosis of the film can be called a sex scene of three gay men, when they sing in unison with the U.S. national anthem, and their mutual "exhaustion" ends the last line: "Let it be always the land of freedom, and real men!".

Of course - this is porn. But unlike the top-selling products throughout XXX, sex scenes in Shortbus director uses as an artistic tool, or dialogue with the audience. That sex is not exciting and does not cause disgust in a mass audience. Playing on the verge of foul after an hour relaxes and loosens up the audience, as it turned out a mass viewing of pornography, and really funny ...


Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Cast: Justin Bond, Lindsay Beamish, PJ Deboy, Raphael Barker, Jay Brennan, Peter Stickles
Genre: Erotic drama
Year: 2006
Country: United States
Language: English
Subtitles: Russian

Limitations: The person under 18 years are not allowed


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