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"Arthur and the Minimoys" - a film-Cartoon by Luc Besson

March 20 2007

On Thursday the Russian cinema screens goes animated film Luc Besson's "Arthur and the Minimoys" by his own eponymous book. Tale will like not only children but also for all fans of quality animations.

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This past Sunday at a cinema "October" was held the premiere pictures. At that arrived himself, French director. "You know, the movie has an age restriction," Arthur and the Minimoys, "can only watch the children no older than ten years" - appealed to the audience Besson. Meanwhile, the hall was a lot of adults. "Say, kids, you allow your parents to watch a movie with you?". "Yes!" - Shouted in response to Luc gay kids. "Well then, let them look.

Ten naughty little boy Arthur lives in a small house with his grandmother. The boy's parents not to him, they are constantly absent, engaged in their own affairs. Grandpa boy, traveler and explorer, disappeared several years ago. Before disappearing, he shared with his wife a secret: it turns out in the garden, which is near the house, he hid the treasure. But where, nobody knows. Meanwhile, the grandmother of Arthur want to take the house for debt to build in its place a multi-storied building. It remains only two days to pay. Take the money from anywhere. Suddenly, Arthur, went into a room of his grandfather, unravels secret message, which he left his grandson. With the help of his Arthur is sent to the country of the Minimoys, a universe inhabited by tiny little men rise to two millimeters. They help the boy find the hidden treasures of his grandfather in the end it all turned out well.

It starts with the picture as a feature film. When Arthur enters the country Minimoys goes into animation. Upon return of the hero in the human world - again in an art cinema.

There Minimoys are several major characters, some of them voiced by famous Russian actors and singers. Princess villages - a girl with character. It is stubborn and fearless, voiced her Nelly Uvarov (Besson, asked her voice bunal less sex and more enthusiasm). Barahlyush - her brother, he takes it with a bunch of unnecessary things and has a cheerful disposition, he is voiced by Andrei Grigoriev, Apollon. Max - Head klevachuvakov - long tall black man in rastomanskoy cap, it is voiced Timati. Urdalak - the main villain, archenemy of the Minimoys. Mrakos - his son, "Pretty Boy" with a hairy tongue. Incidentally, in the English-language version of the Roles included such stars as: Madonna, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Snoop Dog and David Bowie, and in French - Mylene Farmer.

At a press conference held the day after the premiere, Luc Besson, answered reporters' questions about "Arthur and the Minimoys".

The newspaper "Tribune":
- Your film is a moment when Arthur kissed the princess village. Do not you think that kissing at that age is too early?
- No, I do not think. For love has no age restrictions. Remember the old Disney cartoon "Cinderella," "Snow White", there is always the prince kisses the princess. For example, I love the first time in a girl when I was 5 years old, so that Arthur in this plan a bit late.

Canal TVC:
- Does Arthur become more popular than Harry Potter?
I do not think that between Arthur and Harry Potter has some sort of competition is generally good, when children have a choice of what to read and watch. Harry Potter - it's more for teenagers, Arthur - for younger children ... In general, they can somehow get acquainted, the more so as Harry and Arthur - both Englishmen. By the way, write a book about Arthur, I started back when the Harry Potter series have not been heard.

- At the premiere, was four points, when the children applauded. First - the kiss of Arthur and villages. Second - when Arthur finds his grandfather, the third - when the heroes find the car and the fourth - when the villain is punished, who wanted to take away the house his grandmother Arthur. How can you explain the popularity of these episodes is:
- You know, I think that the applause reflected the moral values of children. First, they appreciate the love. Secondly - Family relationships. The third - justice. Fourth ... Good car.

Natalia Savchenko


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