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"Eragon": fantasy from the smallest

December 18 2006

The screen adaptation of the novel came out Christopher Paolini "Eragon". History in the style fantasy about elves, dragons, crafty king, an evil wizard and a good farm boy Eragon. All this sounds quite promising, if it was not really more than primitive.

On the one hand, probably not judge the creation of 15-year old Christopher, on the other hand, common sense dictates that for a hundred million of the budget could be removed and the movie better.

In the first minutes you see the boy with the pretty face and sweet smile so. And it is this smile immediately gives it a positive hero - after all the bad guys do not smile. While the young Eragon (Edward Spelirz) is going to hunt in his barn somewhere on the outskirts of one of the enslaved dastardly King Galvatoriksom (John Malkovich), a village, elfiskaya princess Arya steals from the same evil king a large blue stone. With the help of a super-teleport this stone falls into the hands of Eragon, a princess (Sienna Guillory) into the clutches of a terrible magician named Darza (Robert Carlyle).

Then the situation resembles the tale of the chicken Ryaba - grandfather beat, beat - not smashed, woman beating, beat - not smashed, but the mouse was. So with so Eragon - pebble was not stone, and dragon egg, with the system of identification of others and identify them in potential riders. When the system completed the scan and found a guy elected, from the egg hatched a charming blue dragon, just for marking his young master, something like a burn, while giving him thus pass into adulthood.

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In record time he got to know that the world is not confined to his village, and that people, it turns out, are dying. All this time he never ceases to wonder at the same time trying to show some makings of a leader, in order not to lose the position of the protagonist.

And the dragon was advanced - high speed, high maneuverability, zoom in the eyes, and besides, it's not "he", and "she".

Not without the help of his new companions, because the good guys in such films is always right, there are many cronies, Eragon goes to the edge is not submissive Galvatoriksu mountain inhabitants, similar to the Vikings, led by Adzhihada, muscular African-American. All together, the characters begin to active hostilities.

In the end, losing in the bloody battle of his Sinister Darzu, furious Galvatoriks picture opens the curtain for his throne, stressing that his trump card is not exhausted in the next part of the mischief he still will get off.

In general, the plot is more suitable for computer games, which, incidentally, already exists. And in terms of cinema, the film could be described one of his key phrases - "We expected something more."

Kulikovskikh Pauline

Васильева Камилла

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