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"The Simpsons Movie": the epic in a new way

August 16 2007

What unites eight century BC, with 21 of our age? Then people lived at one time with a brilliant Greek poet named Homer. Now people live in one time with a great cartoon dunce with the same name. That is, in general, and all. Today in the cinemas will start full-length version of the new adventures of the modern Homer and his little family, a version of one of the world's best cartoons: "The Simpsons Movie."

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The screen Itchy, whose name we somehow moved as scabies and Scratchy are planted as an astronaut on the moon. Further action cartoon couples perfectly illustrate how America's usually a struggle for power. Accustomed to such simpsonovskomu banter over U.S. audiences throughout the picture wean from it is not necessary. "The Simpsons Movie" and the movies continue this worthy tradition of a critical report.

Therefore, to understand the humor cartoon should be: a) a bit to understand what America is now living, and b) know the characters, that is to have a pretty good idea of the show. Otherwise cartoon disappoint you.

The plot pattern in pig who suddenly decides to make Homer. Facing an insurmountable love for nekashernomu Essentially, the head of the family forgets about everything: about Bart, who because of this begins to make friends with Netom Flanders, the purity of the home and the request to remove waste Marge pig. Do not forget he is only about his manic passion for donuts. The consequence is an ecological disaster in Sprngfilde.

Talk about the future course of events, this modern heroic epic does not make sense, since the events in "The Simpsons" is very much - not retell, and watch would no longer be interested. But some things you can allocate. So ...

Best joke: when the end of the world remains a matter of minutes, the bar regulars Mo rush to the church and the faithful are fleeing from there to the bar. The best heroic act: When Krusty is trying to incite his pet monkey on Maggie, a girl breaks a bottle of milk and rushes to monkey with the splinter in his hand. Best cameo: Mr. Burns, falling to the floor on the severity of the toothpaste, which he squeezed out the brush. Best intimate moment: journey to a naked Bart skateboarding through the city is there had to be invented so many things that cover his farm! Worst joke: an attempt to bring passion to Homer's pig bestiality, not funny, and even a cartoon after all the children will also be watching. Best romantic moment: Lisa, who finally meets the boy of their dreams. The most catchy act: when Marge writes a farewell address to Homer on their wedding tape.

Hard to say, turned out bad or good cartoon. Any opinions both negative and positive for pictures that you will hear from their friends or read on the blogs will be right. For example, I as a fan of this animated epic, was in any way interested in watching the antics of Springfield little family (not just enough jokes about Mr. Burns). Drawbacks, of course, is, but for fans of the show, they absolutely do not mean anything. Full-length "Simpsons" - as a good friend, who had long known, and with the shortcomings of which quietly mirishsya.

Natasha Savchenko


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