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In the footsteps of Pirates of the Caribbean

June 15 2007

Readers are invited to a selection of some of the historical facts, somehow related to what is happening in the film. Perhaps many of them will surprise you! Let's start.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The fact that in this sea hunted pirates can be no doubt. Caribbean Sea on a map can be found near the northern coast of South America - on a giant area between Central and South America to the west and south, as well as chains of Greater and Lesser Antilles in the north and east. This sea is considered one of the biggest seas of the globe, the name it must warlike Carib Indian tribe that once resided on its shores. Later, the tribe was almost wiped out by Spanish and Portuguese colonizers.

In general, the pirates are extremely active mastered not only the different seas and oceans, but also new earth, in connection with what are believed to have participated in many geographical discoveries.


Characters of the film visit the island called Tortuga. Is there an island in fact or is it fiction?

After 1624 in the Caribbean appeared coming from the medium of French sailors and shipwrecked corsairs and pirates who have chosen as their base the island of Hispaniola. In 1639, after a major Spanish punitive expedition, they had to move to a neighboring Hispaniola, which belonged to the French island of Tortuga. Here they formed a real pirate republic, headed by the experienced leaders who turned a small state into a formidable force. Since it could not be ignored and it is often attracted to his side then England, then France. The inhabitants of Tortuga began to call themselves filibuster - from the Dutch word "vriipuiter" ("Pirate"). The English portion of the population of Tortuga to treat it differently: "free booter" ("free the robber"). More - more: the representatives of France converted it into a "flibustier", and in this form the word has reached our days.

In 1654 the Spaniards again had a large-scale punitive expedition and defeated the pirates in Tortuga. After this center flibusterskoy republic moved to the city of Port Royal, located on the island of Jamaica.

It is interesting that in England during the XVI-XVII centuries, the main pirate port base was Plymouth. The city lived filibuster, pirate fishing fed hundreds of commissioners, small buyers and owners of the loot thieves. It is said that nowhere in England is not so much vodilos inveterate murderers, for whom the gallows was crying.

Pirate Code

Even in the first movie ("The Curse of the Black Pearl"), Elizabeth, when it detects a fun couple of pirates, lost and does not require them to follow something like the pirate code. Pirates of the trust and should not be particularly odd to imagine that in reality these people could be code, but nevertheless it's true! There are a set of rules that should have been respected.

Joining the pirate brotherhood was accompanied by the oath on the Bible. For violation of oath forever banished from the ship, and sometimes deprived of life. Pirate constitutions differ in detail, but always clearly defined for each share of the total catch. Route navigation was discussed at a general assembly of the pirates, which inter alia, to chassis-party - an agreement which was distributed in advance future recovery. The capture of the ship's fate decided collectively.

Each pirate had a relative independence. Some sources say that pirates have always been obliged to keep his word. Duel on pirate ships were banned, all showdown took place on the beach.Captain's authority was based solely on his authority, validated that had in the battles. On pirate ships are usually not allowed to be women.
AO Ekskvemelin, a former pirate from 1667 to 1672 in his book "The Pirates of America, said:" Pirates are very friendly and all help each other. For those who have nothing, once allocated any property, and the payment of waiting until then, until the poor are not zavedutsya money. " On many ships, the captains are strictly prohibited gambling and drinking, in order to avoid a showdown.


Captain Jack Sparrow is behaving very gallantly, elegant and quite different from the brutal and vicious monster, wherewith usually pirates. Could meet these characters on a pirate ship? Maybe sometimes encountered in some representatives of politeness and good manners are not really fiction. For example, there are interesting to a legend: a pirate, after seeing the Queen, closed his eyes and said: "Your Majesty, I am dazzled by your beauty!" Since then, the movement of the hand is slightly modified and there was a custom to salute. Maybe that's true, but among the pirates met representatives of various social strata, which does not exclude the existence of chivalrous and polite pirates.

Natalia Filippovich


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