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The hero of "Peter FM» Yevgeny Tsyganov pleased with fate

May 14 2006

Authors lyrical comedy "Peter FM» (STS) do not reside in the worst mood. They took the film off the bat. Starting in Russian cinemas on April 20, "Peter FM» breaking all records for box office. It became clear in the first 4 days of hire, when 375 copies brought $ 2.81 million for information from the theater, "Peter FM» outperform all other films on the number of viewers. Success can be explained simply - finally, amid endless bloodshed and hatred, the film came out with unpretentious plot, where starring guess guys are just, like millions of their peers. Yevgeny Tsyganov, who played Maximus seems, was satisfied and the film and its game.

- When we met with Oksana Bychkova, I had three suggestions: roles in "Company 9", "Starlite, Victory and Spring" and "Peter FM». But Oksana told me: "We will not try, We'll get you approved for the lead role."

- And it has not caused any conflicts with your hand?

- Oksana first, even a little frightened me with his way a person with whom one can not find a common language. She exudes a positive and cordial welcome, and I can not work with people with whom you can not argue, it is my very relaxing. We found a common language. I'm actually a menace to society, but then gave Oksana farmed out a lot, feeling like she correctly sees both the city and history itself.

- "Piter FM» - this is the debut for almost the entire team. You easily took the risk and accepted the offer?

- The operator of our painting work Ivan Gudkov, which we studied together at the Moscow International Film School, many of the guys from the team, I also knew. It seemed to me to work hard for two months in St. Petersburg, went there and absolutely no regrets about it.
There is a phenomenon of the first movie - it's like first love. I have this film was "The Collector": critics now, of course, smashed, but for me it's precious memories. A "Peter FM» - debut soon have so many people all at them for the first time, and it gave the film lightness, freshness.

- There is much talk about the differences between the Muscovites and Petrograd. Was it easy for you to get used to the way a resident of St. Petersburg?

- Moscow and St. Petersburg people differ more on the level of the image. St. Petersburg's image, if we so called, attracts me, it has a lot of charm, these people are interesting to me. Sometimes they are naïve, with its snobbery, indifference, indolence, but they're still nice. My hero - he's not St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, he is from, but here it is, "St. Petersburg" in part and bring in such newcomers as Max, the people.

- Even something different from Moscow you see?

- We have begun to withdraw from scenes in the studio of Max on the roof. Gorgeous place on the Petrograd side. Grandmother, the mistress of the shop, approached me and asked: "Are you on the roof once was?". And we are instructed that strictly can not climb up there, it is dangerous, well, I say: "No, was not." And she: "Come on!". And this grandmother climbed on the roofs, and began showing me the transitions from home to home ...

- Why Maxim easily took the audience?

- My hero Maxim avoids actions. Max - artist. Sometimes the real space does not suit a man begins to annoy him, and people looking for an alternative. If you look, the war, business, sports - all these games that you can become the first champion.There are some people successful in doing so, they become champions or at least understand their perspective, they think: I have earned more than others - then I'm the champion, ran the first - that means I well done.

- That is the main character in something close to you most?

- I do not play these games, although I understand this issue is close - I have everything going well in what is called a career thing. I'm doing, I have been offered new roles, the fees are rising, but it looks like a wallet that you find when not looking.
Max offers to go to Berlin, this is what would many of his environment, it is an opportunity to make a career, earn money, be the first. And he has been a paper architecture - something elusive, existing only in imagination. In Peter qualities such a person becomes obvious there is not much work, both in Moscow and many simply exist outside the social context. There are many young people, who have no work at all. Here is Max so soon.
The director told me: you play one and all of us ...

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