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"Historical" kinolyapy Hollywood

February 14 2011

"Truth is - this is the first casualty of war in Hollywood" - said once the Daily Telegraph in his review of the film "The Patriot." This aphorism applies to many other paintings. Startled the audience at times appear unseen wonders: nunchuck in medieval Scotland, mammoths in the desert or a blond American woman in the role of a girl from an Indian tribe.

Patriot, 2000

"Truth is - this is the first casualty of war in Hollywood" - the headline in the London Telegraph appeared review of the film "The Patriot," filmed in 2000. British soldiers in the picture appear bloodthirsty sadists - in one scene, they rounded up the population of the village church and set fire to it. Very similar to the handwriting of the Nazis, is not it? True, the recent world learned after only two centuries after the events, which were discussed in the "Patriot". What outraged the critics - is the fact that the British soldiers of the sample 1770's compared with the most brutal criminals of modern times. Steven Hunter, a famous film critic and historian, rightly observed: "Any reflection of the American Revolution, where the British show by the Nazis and the Americans themselves - a gentle and kind narodtse almost always wrong."

Another mistake made in the film concerns the protagonist Benjamin Martin, played by Mel Gibson. The image of Benjamin was taken from the life: he had several counterparts, including - and a certain Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. According to the movie, Martin - a respectable family man and a brave hero who single-handedly defeats the British villains. Yet the real Swamp Fox liked to have fun in his spare time hunting on the Cherokee Indians, and in between raping his slaves. In the movie the same theme of slavery in general is not affected - for all three hours. "Patriot" - a blatant propaganda in Hollywood. Story, full of blind spots, "- said about a picture directed by Spike Lee.

16109.jpeg "Gladiator", 2000

Famous collection shameful kinolyapov. Here are just some of them.

At a time when Max treats his horse an apple on the left side of the screen you can see a member of the crew, dressed in jeans. A man in jeans trying to get away from the frame, but he does not immediately apparent. In episode one of the gladiator fights breast Maxim reflected camera.

CU Lutsilly gives viewers the opportunity to look at contact lenses actress. In the battle with the barbarians overturns one of the chariots, and when the dust disperses, it is clearly visible behind the gas tank. But for the time Pokaka Commodus tells his nephew Lucius of Roman history, hairstyle boy several times changing - perhaps the story was a long one.

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"Distant Horizons, 1955

Lewis and Clark sent to explore the Louisiana Territory, accompanied by representatives of the indigenous population of the USA - an Indian girl Sacagawea, played by Donna Reed. Choice of its candidate for the role and became one of promashek - on the prairies daughter Donna was like as the Joker - to the graduates a parochial school. In addition, on a plot between Sacagawea and Clark's romance erupts. In a Hollywood movie has no chance at a good collection, if there is no love story, so the corrections truth, the writers "reoriented" dried-investigator on the ardent lover.

Robin Hood, 2010

The story of a charming criminal Englishman exploited for centuries. With the advent of cinema task easier - many serials, movie studios Disney, 1973, filmed in 1991, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" with Kevin Costner, Mel Brooks spoof "Men in Tights" and, finally, the brainchild of Ridley Scott, who struggled tried to make the legend a historical drama.

The film quite rightly raises the question of reasonableness of the crusade of King Richard the Lionheart (who, incidentally, is dead "wrong time" - the film two weeks later than it actually is), but this is almost the only bright spot. Next begins a continuous turmoil. Inflated to an inability to intrigues and does not happen in reality, attacks the French, too "right" and sometimes naive arguments about the rights of vassals of the king and completely in trained legend of Robin Hood, from which a reading of Ridley Scott, left only the name of the protagonist. Severe, stern movie.

"Braveheart", 1995

In this epic are so many absurdities that do not even know where to start. Get at least a kilt - in the XIII century Scotland has been worn belted plaids. William Wallace, the hero Mel Gibson, was born into a poor family, while the real Wallace was the son of a wealthy landowner. Episode where Wallace skillfully waving nunchuck, and did deprive critics of speech - from the medieval Scotland embarked Chinese weapons? Additionally, Wallace had never met the princess Isabella: firstly, at the time referred to in the film, it still was not a princess, and secondly, she was only nine years old.

"Ten thousand years before our era", 2008

The film can be elegantly called sublimely stupid excursion into the history of mankind, and you can just tell that director took on too much and came to the matter too seriously. In one scene, the locals (the Egyptians, apparently), build the pyramids, the earliest of which there were only eight thousand years after the events shown. Participation in the construction, according to Ronald Emmerich, took mammoths. Covered with hair giants - and in the hot desert!

"Three hundred Spartans, 2007

Bloody battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC in the interpretation of Zack Snyder has turned into a slaughterhouse with batons. A hapless Persians all his own efforts now will always be associated with American children with quivering gay. The Spartans are naiperveyshimi fighters for freedom and democracy while Sparta was one of the most undemocratic of city-states in ancient Greece, and the rights of slaves, helots flouted at every turn.

From the Persians in the film did besharakteryh hypocrites and bullies, who only can that blows on the sly, and from Xerxes - mannered freak, avid to foreign lands. In reality, the Persian Empire included a number of Greek cities, so that the Persians had no reason to conquer their own territory. Exaggeration in the movie is not forbidden, but not as grotesque lie ...

"John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas, 1991

Answer to who killed John Kennedy, there is still no. However, the picture viewer is invited to a whole set of villains: the death of the president was the result of joint work of the U.S. government, the Mafia, CIA, police in Dallas, Cuban leader Fidel Castro and even Kennedy's successor Lyndon Johnson. Critics did not like Oliver Stone and the interpretation of historical events: one of the key scenes of the film, which featured Mr. X (that lead to him almost all the threads of the plot), is pure fiction.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> 16110.jpeg "Pearl Harbor", 2001

Multimillion-dollar budget could not provide a picture favor of critics. Historians are also not appreciated nor broken chronology, nor grotesque nationalistic spirit. One of the World War II veterans, whose history was allegedly shown in the film, called the work "garbage", adding that the events of those days tape is presented in a distorted way and with a thick coating deliberate sensationalism.

"King says" 2010

Colin Firth played a great King of King George VI - so perfectly that it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor. Alas, the king of confidence he did not. History suggests that Winston Churchill was a close friend and supporter of separating the Nazi views of King Edward VIII, his brother George VI, but in the movie Churchill was a friend of the George. The filmmakers are confused and in the chronology: the scenario turns out that George VI was engaged with a teacher of oratory just a few years in the mid-1930's, while in reality they have cooperated since 1926. But kinoakademiki apparently considered all of these bloopers and unimportant now been nominated once for 12 Oscars.

"Shakespeare in Love", 1998

Oscar-winning band represents William Shakespeare as a dramatist, is hopelessly in love with the star of his latest play. Directed by John Madden, screenwriter Marc Norman and playwright Tom Stoppard have created a world in which the story of forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote off to his own - he fell in love with Viola de Lesseps, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, betrothed to another man. The filmmakers do not claim to authenticity and exact reconstruction of the events of that time, but the fact that one of the world's most famous writers show mediocre, untalented playwright-loser, frustrating.

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