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The biblical story of post-nuclear future

January 14 2010

Today on Russian screens the film by Albert and Allen Hughes' Book of Eli "- philosophical fiction thriller about the world after Armageddon, in which good Denzel Washington fights the evil Gary Oldman for the last remaining copy of the Bible in the world. On who will become the owner of "opium for the people, the future of mankind.

Plot of the movie is. In 2043 on the parched expanses of the post-apocalyptic America walks tired traveler named Eli (Washington). He walks past thirty years. Because thirty years ago, when people just started to crawl out of the norm after a nuclear holocaust, he heard a voice.

And a voice said to him: "I am the LORD thy. Arise, Eli, look for the latest Bible and carry it to the west. " Eli stood up and found the only surviving copy of the Scriptures, which was publishing for the blind eyes, and went west to bring light to the blind in spirit.

And those among the people of post-nuclear future - a majority. Because such as Eli - that is, those who visited the church before the temples demolished a nuclear explosion - the remaining units, and those who were born "after the outbreak," Jesus did not tell anybody. And all of the Bible were burned many years ago, because of which, according to tradition, and the third world.

So Eli was thirty years in the wilderness until the end of its path does not come in godforsaken town, where people ran the show on behalf of the Carnegie (Oldman).

He never heard the voice of the LORD, but he was obsessed with power and also in dire need of the Bible. But not in order to instruct mankind on the right path, but in order to enslave it. Because Carnegie understood that the Bible - is a weapon aimed directly at the heart of the weak and desperate. "

Carnegie - a real dictator, who built their city by force - says about his character, Gary Oldman. - But he - a villain, a philosopher, perfectly familiar with the book stored Eli. Both characters are obsessed with the desire to own Book, only one - on the good side, and another - on the side of evil. "

And when a stranger, who visited the bar to replenish the water suddenly began to preach the bandits and drunk the words of Scripture, Carnegie understands that his finest hour came: The Bible itself has come to hand.

However, the black preacher is not eager to part with the book, and Carnegie can not just kill a stranger, because for the first time in years meets a worthy opponent.

"Eli performs incredibly important mission - says of his hero, Denzel Washington. - When we meet Ilaem, its mission is nearing completion, but the biggest test is yet to come. "

Under the laws of the classic thriller hero, and expect a fight, and chase, and a beautiful girl Solara in performance of Ukraine-born Mila Kunis. She, like the Gospel story, is to Ilayu as a prostitute, but then became the main companion. She has issues, but he - the answers. Solar Eli tells how it was that mankind had killed himself: "People had more than they needed. We did not understand what's valuable and what is not. "

According to the director of the film, the story of Eli they liked his versatility."According to the genre - it's an action adventure, but on the other hand, the picture reveals the eternal and important topic. The film tells about the survival of civilization, of human nature, an awareness of its mission, the willingness to sacrifice, "- said Albert Hughes.

"This story touches universal eternal themes, talking about faith and devotion, of sacrifice and, mainly, of the hope - is echoed by his brother Allen Hughes. - We would like to audiences embraced "The Book" as a movie about how precious our lives are and how important it cherished. "

Alexander Starkov

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