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Seasons - a picture of love, understanding and change of weather

December 13 2007

Quite unexpectedly, and though nowhere appeared the Turkish filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Appeared with the film "Four Seasons", which immediately became a favorite of film festivals worldwide and won the sympathy and recognition of the audience.

"Four Seasons" - it's such a simple melodrama, of course, about love. Isa and Bahar build love. He teaches at the university, she takes off series. He was older, she younger. Love was, and then not glued did not work out and they separated. And then suddenly began to change seasons. Dispersed in the summer, suffered a fall, winter, met again in the spring viewers come up with themselves. And the end if it never happened, "Four Seasons" of these paintings, okontsovku whom must think out their own.

Any woman looking at a picture and thought: "Oh, poor Bahar. And Jesus is what a scoundrel, what a scoundrel. " Any man: "Poor Jesus, and the women they all are. All bitches, completely alone bitch. " Painting is on perception. Starring the director himself and his wife. Ceylan speaks slowly, stretches moments, shows the details misses the facts - all of this, surprisingly smoothly.

The scene that causes the greatest flow of emotions the audience - love farce between Isa and Serap his mistress. Jesus comes to Serap, wants love. Lady like mind, but seemed not too much. They start either this same love, or fight. The ladies in the hall resent men laugh. And all together - forget about the popcorn. "   I did not think it will be funny, but wanted to convey the feeling that between people will always go to the fight. In our co-exist all sorts of feelings, and the boundary between the extremes sometimes very fragile. I often feel it in real life. For example, you're not going to have sex, but find yourself in a situation that absolutely did not foresee. In the same way in every man lies the cruelty: I believe that in certain situations anyone could kill him. Therefore, in my films I try to balance these emotions, not to say that this man is arranged like this and should behave in certain ways. I do not like this way of thinking "- says the scene the director himself.

You can not say with certainty that Ceylan took a masterpiece that will shake the world. However, the picture like Kansk jury, the director himself, audiences and critics. And the fact that like so many people - look, of course, it is worth.

Say to whom directed this film - almost impossible. Creation Ceylan definitely melodrama, but not the same in the classical sense, which is aimed at housewives. But what is different. In times of year there is tearful scenes, sex scenes, pain, torment, but no's what clearly emotional episodes. Now possible to characterize the narrative. There is Jesus, there Bahar, there is love, there rasstrovanie, and the end will come up with the audience.

Sasha Mertsalova


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