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And you threw your phone? - "Devil's mobile phone"

July 13 2007

French movies are always recognizable among the hundreds of Hollywood films or home of the last decade. Recall, for such masterpieces as "Taxi," "8 Women", "Paris, I Love You" or "Amelie". Very soon in Russian cinemas will premiere a new film by young director James Cottage "Devil's mobile phone."

The plot of this fantastic comedy-horror film is plain. A 17-year-old Sid was one passion - skateboarding, but he grew up and fell in love with the first beauty school Angie. The poor boy with braces on his teeth there is no chance to win the heart of beauty. Firstly, he is poor and lives in a slum on the outskirts of the city, and secondly, working as a waiter in a smelly diner, and he does not even mobile phone!

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But the guy's life changed abruptly when he was in his hands for a minimum price falls amazingly cool mobile phone. He begins to fight for the heart of Angie with a local playboy Virgilia. Virgilia handsome, rich, and very arrogant. He doroguschy wheelbarrow, and all the girls college drying on it. He and his entertainment company 2 - light on parties at clubs and scoff at scapegoats like Sid and his friends.

With the new phone Sid turns everything upside down. That the lamp of Aladdin fulfills all his desires. But a few days later, Sid begins to lose control over what's happening. Best friend Pierre notes that the desire Sid becoming more brutal and vicious, and the consequences more dangerous. Sid longer control myself. Series of unexplained deaths of two friends makes life a living hell ...

Here's what to say about his creation, James Huth: "I always wanted to do a first-rate French comedy. Downhole movie with young actors, which I could be the first to illuminate the lights spotlight, "light" and make shine in his movies. I really wanted to concentrate on my film, that burst of energy, courage and boldness, which exist only in his youth. The youth - this is the age when you open a whole new world and discover it yourself. "

In today's mobile youth - the most necessary thing. "Pipe" is never turned off, it can help solve all the problems malomalski. And most importantly the phone helps to make the first steps of adolescents in romantic relationships. Because of the mobile phone you can talk with those with whom you would never dare to speak in real life, or write sms. To be cool and popular in the modern school enough to have the best and most expensive mobile phone. Fortunately, as the film is not enough. First of all, you must have a pure heart and true friends.

After watching I have very mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is an interesting story and excellent cinematography Stefan Le Parc, on the other hand, the absence of an elementary principal elements of the genre. The essence of the film - the rejection of mobile phones, to which we are too attached, of course, is good, but as it is filed. For horror, absolutely not scary - even no blood, but for a comedy that is absolutely not funny.

The film "Devil's cell phone" if it will be a success, it is only among the students and undergraduate students who are concerned with the topic of mobile phones.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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