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Friday the 13th: Time to watch the best in the world of horror

April 13 2007

Day as the day Friday, as Friday. Where all all this confusion about? There are no grounds whatsoever. On the site is full of all garbage that is left Friday for 13 number - this is supposedly a heavy and terrible day. Hmm ... And all because of some old horror movie about the guy Jason, who wanders through the woods in a hockey mask and wets whoever you get, all that arm get.

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Horror films generally detrimental effect on the psyche. But many of this fact does not stop, and a considerable portion of the population continues to drag on chilling horror stories. Why would not be deterred and once again not to rejoice that there is only - on the screen can be. Have you got a comfortable couch and after each mochilova rejoice that you are safe.

Some time ago, the magazine «Total Film» conducted a survey on the topic of the best horror films in the history of cinema. Such film was 10. If you have decided as a note today, then look at some of these films ... and better not alone, but friends call me, or for you Friday the 13th and really turn into a nightmare, movies, something really terrible . So ...

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974)
Almost no blood. At the armed taken old technology assumptions, leaving much of the fear of play of the imagination of the viewer.
Alarmed by new reports that vandals and hooligans have ruined the distant cemetery in Texas, where her grandfather is buried, Marilyn and her wheelchair-bound brother Paul picked his friends and family avtofurgonchike go check to see if grandpa's grave damaged.

"Halloween" (1978)
Thriller about a psychopathic killer, who as a child, committed murder in the All Saints' Day, and be out of jail 15 years later, returned to his old ways. This movie gave a boost to several sequels and a host of imitations, it debuted Jamie Lee Curtis.

"Suspicion" (1977)
A young American Suzy comes to Italy to learn the skill dance in the old Roman Ballet School. On the night of her arrival there for some reason not allowed to go, but she saw from the school ran out of the girl, who the same night will be brutally murdered. The next morning a misunderstanding is resolved, Suzy will, she started training. She was forced to stay and live in a boarding house at school and at night will drink wine laced with sleeping pills.

"Dawn of the Dead" (1978)
Escaped the country flooded into zombies by helicopter, four travelers are forced to land on the roof of a supermarket. There they find food, shelter and trouble. Multi-store from top to bottom beaten silly walking corpses.

"The Shining" (1980)
In a scenario based on the novel by Stephen King, Kubrick combined excellent game actors, stylishly matched the scene, skillfully shot footage and composed of shock structure. Starring - Jack Nicholson. His character, Jack Torrance, came with his wife and son in a hotel to work caretaker during the low season. Suddenly, from Torrance weird things begin to happen.I like most about the time when her son, starting vision, and he sentenced voice dwarf: «Redrum, redrum».

"Psycho" (1960)
"Psycho" - the most famous film by Alfred Hitchcock. Shot for a modest 800 thousand dollars, the film has collected in hire of 32 million. This painting was one of the most sensational and "cited" bands in the history of cinema, storage innovation and amazing notions. Nominated for four Academy Award.

"Possessed" (1973)
The film is about detective Nile Howe, investigates a disappearance of a little girl.

"Rosemary's Baby" (1968)
Spouses Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into New York high-rises, for which entrenched notoriety. Pregnant Rosemarie is unaware that her husband sacrificed their future child and struck a deal with the devil in exchange for his Broadway success.

"Do not Look Now" (1973)
John Baxter goes to Venice with his wife Laura after England had drowned her daughter. Completed work on the restoration of the church, he discovers that it has certain physical abilities ... Well selected species of Venice, wonderful acting, the film also contains one of the most convincing love scenes in film history.

"Cannibal Holocaust" (1980)
The film is made under documentary investigation. Some professor goes in search of documentary filmmakers who disappeared in the jungles of the Amazon inhabited by cannibals. He managed to find their bones and footage. The second half of the film show supposedly filmed footage showing the gradual transformation of the documentary in rapists and sadists. Frankly, I'm after this film for several hours was afraid even to leave the apartment.

Natalia Savchenko


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