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The British once again save the earth

April 12 2007

Today screens out "Sunshine" British director Danny Boyle - the movie-disaster thriller, space odyssey and part thriller under one name.

This picture is once again brought together knowledgeable people to each other: Beulah (creator of "28 Days Later"), Andrew Macdonald (producer of "28 Days Later"), charming in all its Role Cillian Murphy (musician starring in "28 days later ") and screenwriter Alex Garland, whose conscience cult" The Beach "with DiCaprio, shot, which is typical, again Boyle.

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"Waiting for a miracle": the urban fairy tale for children and adults

"Paragraph 78" well read

"Gagarin's Grandson": a relative of the astronaut was black!

Big idea does not peddle Garland is that after 50 years the sun is somehow cool (actually, according to forecasts are not so pessimistic scholars, on a couple of billion years light is still sufficient, but there are) and land cover everything snow cover and darkness. To remedy this situation, the star goes the last hope of earthlings - ship Icarus-2 "- with a mission to blow up the sun by a bomb, the mass equivalent to Manhattan Island. Hope is really the last - the previous envoy, "Icarus-1", mysteriously disappeared 7 years ago, before it reached the goal. The third portion of the nuclear charge the earth's resources has clearly not enough.

And all of our astronauts, like, at first is as it should, but that's irascible Mace (Chris Evans) tries to stuff his face blue-eyed and somewhat autistic - probably from a sense of ownership - the creator of the bomb, physics Cape (Cillian Murphy). And on approach to the star suddenly found the missing "Icarus-1", which is also going on that something was wrong. And the characters - even if the saviors of mankind - they are people too and from errors in the nervous system are not insured.

In general, closest to the middle of the movie light tension in the relations between members of the crew reaches a critical point, and "Sunshine" from the fantastic brick-busting action becomes almost a psychological thriller. And personally I have come to mind involuntary association with nabivshim already on edge "Paragraph", specifically - with his second part, where the heroes and moved one purpose - to quickly find and soak fellow-sufferers.

The main joke movie distributors were asked not to disclose, so that cutting only nonprincipal. They are mostly associated with all sorts of technical and physical daring assumptions made for the benefit of the creators of entertainment, but it seems to be to the detriment of all the laws of physics. They usually occur in cases where no reasonable means of addressing the problem can no longer help, and more or less savvy in the exact sciences viewers trembling waiting for the imminent loss of life. Here in these critical moments, and a place for unconventional thinking writer and director. As a result, to view my personal questions are not to starring roles, as a scientific advisor of this picture, Dr. Brian Cox - responsible for the daring flights of fancy of the film.

The most rapidly audience reacted to the episode in which the heroes of the original rather solve the problem of transfer from one spacecraft to another - is that life honey, not seem, in the absence of spacesuits and any carriers. Rather, one a suit is, but clearly more distress.Asked Manager (Rose Byrne), the rest are planning to move at -270 degrees Celsius, one brave man is responsible in the sense that it will be cold, yes, no one's arguing, well, and where to hide something. Cling, they say, to each other more tightly, and ... is interesting, right?

What ends this space adventures - see for yourself. For its part, warning: lovers of romance is better the second time to go to the "Waiting for a miracle. I like the small rabid connoisseur flickering and distorted people, these crazy race around a closed space without space suits and pretty tired. But, girls, Murphy! In the episode where he dressed in a light blue sweater, blue screen pops with eyes on the floor face, passing all the greetings in case of failure - I forgive them all. And it also, in my opinion, worth it.

Our reporter managed to ask some questions to one of the actors of this film Killian Murphy said:

What is most important to you when choosing roles? The amount of the fee? The director or charismatic character?

First of all, with regard to the fee, then I am sure that good movies are always making money, so this criterion, I'm not motivated. The basis of any film for me - this script. If it is original, it's likely, I agree. The next criterion - the director. And most important - if the script would mean that I will speak in new role, which interested me, and will demonstrate some other his face, of course, I agree.

Tell us about your plans may already be on something work?

In May, about to start work on a role in the film "The best moments of our lives" one poet Dylan Thomas uelskom and his wife Caitlin Mac Namara. The film will also be removed Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan.

Alexander Mahina


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