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With whom have become the first kinokrasavitsy?

June 7 2007

Unfortunately, medicine of old age has not yet been invented. To restore skin youthfulness and radiance of her eyes to give former no tricks and plastic surgery will not help. Most actresses ever left the cinema after high-profile failures. Only a few managed to stay at the peak of glory. Although they appear in public in huge dark glasses, the size of a saucer.

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Its unearthly beauty drove men crazy, the German and American actress Maria Magdalena von Losch, better known as Marlene Dietrich. She was sharp-tongued and passionately loved only loneliness. Till the end of the actress was impregnable. There were legends about her jewelry, hats and fans. The latter film, which starred Dietrich, called "Judgement at Nuremberg" (1961). Star played the widow of a German general aristocrat. Painting has gathered a huge audience worldwide. Of course, the audience appreciated the depth of the role, the seriousness and grandeur of acting, the relevance of the film. Nevertheless, all pointed out, lost her looks like Marlene. The actress said that this work will be the last for her. In life she was very earthy, sometimes obscene, with a great sense of humor, and all her loved very much. After shooting the lists of gifts to film crew included hundreds of names. In life she had always behaved and looked like a living legend - in a society on the court and even in his own bathroom. Most likely, she was dead, having taken a large dose of sleeping pills. May 6, 1992, for 2 days before his death, Dietrich, who was almost 90 years, suffered a brain hemorrhage and was unable to remain alone in the apartment. She needed to move to a nursing home, but a star at all costs wanted to avoid this. Since 1961, Marlene Dietrich made any pictures.

On the role of the heroine Scarlett from the novel "Gone with the Wind" claimed nearly fifteen hundred actresses, including the famous Hollywood stars. And it is quite logical, since the novel was considered almost a national treasure the United States. When the producer opted for an Englishwoman, the beautiful Vivien Leigh, many assailed by doubts. But Vivienne has played so brilliantly that the Americans have recognized her for her. Last film for the actress was "Ship of Fools", just a banal melodrama. Critics noted that the actress "has changed." In the 60 years of Vivien Leigh decided at the last official photo session. Within days, the magazine sold out, though, sadly, the light converged in opinion, that no trace of former beauty actress. She was ill with tuberculosis and suffered tantrums. It was found that the doctors prescribed her a drug which caused mental illness. In May 1967, the actress reported that tuberculosis took both lungs. Therefore, the actress wanted to put in the hospital, but refused to Vivien. Six weeks later, July 7, 1967 she died.

Actress Greta Garbo was called "Scandinavian Sphinx" because when she closed his eyelids, long lashes clung to each other. And before you re-open your eyes, could be heard rustling, like a flying moth. A veil of secrecy was covered with the actress's personal life. One of the fans Garbo was Adolf Hitler that invited to bask in Germany. Then, the actress writes: "Maybe I should go to Berlin, taking with him a pistol hidden in her purse. I could kill it very easily.That would solve all the problems, and maybe there would be no war, and I would become the heroine of the scale of Joan of Arc. " "Two-Faced Woman", the latter film, which starred Garbo, almost collapsed: from the former magician in the main character there is nothing left. All came to the conclusion that the actress has lost all perspective, erstwhile mystery somewhere gone. In 1979 he was made the last photo with the actress. She died in solitude.

"Angel in Hollywood was actress Audrey Hepburn. Take care of it all at once. Unaccustomed to such attention actress sometimes even lost. She was unique: an aristocratic appearance, sharp wit, candor and ease of communication - and all this combined with the almost ethereal weightlessness in the movements and nadzvezdnoy beauty. Males are speechless in her presence. One of her latest film was "They all laughed." Figure Audrey bound large cloak, huge sunglasses covered his face. From the world of cinema, Audrey went the same way as has come: dignified and noble. Actress died in 1964 of life, January 20, 1993, in a small town near Lausanne. They say the actress has never felt so happy as before death.

Gorgeous Brigitte Bordeaux hit film of his sensuality and charm. The most beautiful men courted the actress, the whole world admired her beauty. Her manner used by sculptors to create a bust of Marianne - a national symbol of France. Now 73-year-old Frenchwoman protects animals and occasionally goes to the theater stage. And then, just to play the women of easy virtue. From film actress gone in 39 years. In 1986, founded her own foundation, which has sold at auction a significant piece of jewelry and property, and subsequently - and his Mediterranean estate in Saint Tropez, reserving the right to life-long residence in it.

Claudia Cardinale does not like to call it a "star". However, her name has long been standing in one line with such actresses as Sophia Loren, Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bordeaux. Cardinale was born in 1939. In 1988, the Italian won a national award of "David" for his contribution to cinema. In 1995 she was awarded the French Order. There are over a hundred movies where filmed Cardinale. She currently lives in Paris, quite often appears in the documentary film, is engaged in social work, fighting for women's equality.

This year, the Englishwoman Elizabeth Taylor said 75-year anniversary. Once she was named "best beautiful Cleopatra," and because the Egyptian queen played the best representatives of Hollywood! Taylor - one of the most brilliant stars of the 50's and 60's. The last film with her participation "old horse" was greeted with pretty cool. At the moment, Taylor is engaged in community service and philanthropy. But the scandalous release of the likes so far: an affair with a wealthy divorced gentleman who younger than her 17 years, confirms that Taylor is not going to say goodbye to love. In fact, the actress is sick, so from time to time in the press fall far from glamorous photos.

Sophia Loren was the happiest of the whole galaxy. In 2006, Italian actress turned 72 years old. Date, she noted in a dignified manner: posed naked in the famous Pirelli-calendar 2007, which is considered the most prestigious calendar, publishing photographs of nude models. Publication, there are about thirty years. During this period in its pages visited by many stars, including Naomi Campbell, Monica Bellucci and others. Looking at the pictures, it should be noted that Lauren is still beautiful. Calendar is published with a circulation of 30,000 copies, and then only by private subscription. The actress was born in 1934 in Rome, however, all his childhood and adolescence spent under Naples.Dreamed of becoming an actress from the age of 14. In 1952, Sophie Shikolone met with producer Carlo Ponti, who not only opened doors for her in a great movie, but also became her husband. Already, 20 years Sophie has become a recognized star, winning the sympathy of the audience. In total, Lauren starred in more than twenty tapes.

Masha Shibanova


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