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"Orange" offer Chadova blue

May 6 2006

Alexei Chadov will go to the Cannes Film Festival May 18 and stay there until the 23rd to present the Ukrainian-American painting, "Orange Love," told "Yoki.Ru" director Roman brothers Chadov Kokorev. As stated by us in the Interfest, Alexei Chadova will be glad to see the "Day of Russia", although the official delegation, he is not included - "9 company" will be Fyodor Bondarchuk, from which many expected to repeat and deepen his stunning performance at the service of film awards "MTV". Meanwhile, around " Orange Love "and Chadova participate in this supposedly" melodrama "is brewing scandal.

Moscow has already appeared copies of the film, who have looked a provoked, as they say, full ahtung.Lish Chadov their professionalism somehow keeps this ridiculous hack-work and looks at the background of John Malkovich absoyutno incapable not something to play, but even clearly speak Model Olga Makeevoy.Vprochem as still claim "Hollywood" producer and director, Vladimir cornet, music video middling Alan Badoev, "Orange Love" is expected in Cannes, almost as a second "Girls 'source' Bergman. And all these lies repeated Roman Kokorev.

In fact, the "Orange Love" has never been considered selectors the Cannes festival, including competition debuts. Not easily dislodged tape two very ordinary showing in the film market - one for distributors, the other to the press. Approval of the cornet that the "Orange Love" will be released the United States is blatant bullshit. However, it can be rolled under the American gentlemen cornet, and Badoev Kokorev understand showing another "orange" kinohaltury cornet in the home and its American friends such as the infamous former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, stuck to their ears in danger of shtatovskih justice?

By the way, the money for the "Orange Love" gave not the Americans. 3.6 million dollars for the film highlighted the Ukrainian company "Kiev-Donbass", whose leaders saw the result, begin to be interested, and what, in fact, went so much dough? The same questions are asked and many Ukrainian print and electronic media.

The fact that the "Orange Love" was made that called for a penny - almost the entire movie heroes or walk around Kiev, saying all sorts of amorous-sounding nonsense, or do the same in an ordinary-looking apartment. Secular gossips in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa have already started to gossip that the bulk of the money went to Alexei Chadov - his fee for taking part in the "Orange Love allegedly made $ 3 million.

This version is intriguing, as director of the film, Alan Badoev and does not conceal that his opus - a PR promotion of attractiveness of the Ukrainian "orange" revolution among Russian youth: "I so want that after all our film here called such relations" oranglove "". Nonrandom occurrence in all of this is clearly a provocative zatee and Hollywood producer Vladimir cornet, in time to light up in as a U.S. PR smear "zakazuhi" Berezovsky "The FSB Blows Up Russia". But here's the result explicitly ordered not hard to guess who the "orange" melodrama has turned out not what is expected.

One gets the impression that Alex Chadov was specially invited to the "Orange Love" in a provocative way. Actor in recent years gained popularity and love of the audience in Russia, thanks to the brilliant performance of roles in films of, say, playing patriotic - "War" and "Company 9," had a huge success.And he did it at the highest level, which was noted even at the Montreal Film Festival. In the minds of young people as Alexei Chadov actually took place prematurely killed by Sergei Bodrov, Jr.. And now Chadov intended role as a sex symbol "orange" Maidan! That he should, in theory customers "Oranglove", affect our subconscious in the right way: "Prepare, my Russian fans and your boyfriend, our" orange "revolution, and you will have the same wonderful and romantic love."

However, the "orange" creators thorough substituted Alexei Chadova not only politically, but also ... sexually. At the notorious site Straight muhchiny-celebrities - "-" for those who love the guys - there were exclusive bed frames from the "Orange Love" and a series of erotic photographs of Alexey Chadova made during a screen test for a picture.

A site that is extremely popular with gays, as evidenced by advertising links around photos Chadova. They are very often invited to visit the "blue" porn sites, as well as buy the same direction videopornushku relevant online stores.

Anonymous gay site owners claim that the half-naked erotic pictures Alexei Chadova - it superekslyuziv, which was first published in RuNet by the creators of the "Orange Love." And this is true - all the other celebrities, even a group of "Na-Na", presented reprints from other sources. And only the "Sparrow" from "9 company" noted on the super popular gay site exclusive photos of their charms ... "you make out every hair on the body of the star Alexei Chadova" - drool moderators sayta.Horoshy "blue" PR Alexei Chadov did it " Orange Ukrainian friends, I must say!

In this situation, admirers of Alexis Chadova are entitled to expect from the public Chadova obyasneniy.Smeshno hear from this talented and intelligent actor, whose profile higher education, a sort of baby talk: "I do not understand politics. For the events in Ukraine have not followed and there is little they understand ... "

It is worth recalling that the amount of royalties received by celebrities, but our "star" is a mystery. Also in Hollywood these data the press and fans quietly.

And finally, Alexei Chadov should deal with the "blue" substitute for Judging by the site logo in the photo, they are his property and may be used to create any kind of sex collage gay focus.

These are the rotten here, "oranges" is already looming in the entire history of this highly suspicious of "Oranglove" ...

Oleg Artyukov

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