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Everything visible in the "invisible"

May 3 2007

The screens out teen thriller "Invisible" from the producers of "The Sixth Sense" and screenwriter "Batman: Begins.

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Nick Powell to study in the senior class. Wrote verses that no one touch you that, in general, and unsurprisingly, the poems are bad. Classmates wrote term papers and translations for the money, apparently, a good translation, just pay. And dreams of escape from the cold honest mom in London to attend a literary institution.

Nick's birthday. Mom called a bunch of reviews, praised before all the diligent, clever son, and gave «Rolex» engraved on the reverse side: "Nick from his mother." Nick said to my mother thanks, went up from the table, carved out of birthday cake with your own photo piece with my own eyes, chewed, descended into the basement, put in your mouth shotgun and shot himself.

End. Here is such a film ... Joke. It's just Nick had a such a nightmare, from that moment the action begins.

Nick is a friend, a normal ordinary guy, a teenager. No money, I want to live nicely. He borrows from the local school Gopnik bandits stolen mobile phone, and pay them can not. For this they periodically wet it tubzike knife and cut his fingers under the nails. Nick is all really do not like and he intercedes for his friend, for which he pretty well with his fist in the face by a gang of glavarihi Annie troubled teens in the cap of a dysfunctional family.

A little bit about Annie. The girl suffers from the fact that a few years ago her mother died and my dad made friends with Madame, who wants nothing to do around the house. Instead of itself as a correct situation, take care of his younger brother, who was in the evening you can even feed, it is associated with a former zek Marcus. Charismatic bald thug with a tattoo in the form of a bird on his neck. Every day after school, Annie and Marcus are going to steal the car. But once Annie picks the tower on the full, it splits the window of a jewelry store and steal jewelry. Marcus betrays his young girlfriend and the girl must quickly condemned. But before that, she decides to find out who it laid. Through various stratagems revealed that the traitor - Nick Powell. An angry girl, this time beating the guy in the face with his foot and he dies ...

The most interesting thing that this movie again, not ends, but as it turns out, is just beginning. Again. Only now becoming clear why the painting is called "Invisible."

In my press release of this tape is written: "The first director cared main concept: the hero's invisibility. While Nick "invisible" literally, the other characters, including his mother, Diane, Annie, his best friend, Pete's invisible in the metaphysical sense. " To be honest, I somehow missed the concept, have not noticed, is not realized. Yes, the protagonist is literally invisible. But that's about the metaphysical invisible the rest ... In my opinion the characters behave like ordinary people. And if they are invisible, it is likely, for the protagonist. That is, they were invisible to him until he was visible, but when I became invisible, I saw their true colors, as had the opportunity to spy for them, their lives and their behavior. I do not think it's worth going into this concept in the movie and so many things nakrucheno and twisted.

I liked the hat trick with Annie. Half the picture she wears a knitted cap, which, in principle, does not spoil its sweetness.And all these half the picture character represented an aggressive teenager with a destabilized the nervous system and manners, far from the fashion ladies. The remaining half the picture Annie goes without a cap. It turns out that a lab-hat to conceal his shock luxurious wavy hair. These half the picture a nervous girl into a womanly weak child.

In any case, despite my subjective opinion about this picture, I think that the Auditorium, which is similar in age to the characters in the film, "Invisible" will be liked.

Natasha Savchenko


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