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April 2 2007

In rolling out a picture of Vladimir Shchegolkov "One Love in a million" - a cross between "Dead Man's Bluff", "Boomer", "Brother" and Tarantino's films. However, for the first regular criminal melodrama about romantic and boundless 90 weighs much more.

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Harmless humor Lars von Trier

Selling "real music" from the hood of green Muscovite music fan (Ruslan Couric) and a girl of easy virtue of the "Astoria" (his manner of speech remotely resembling Litvinov Lina Mirimskaya) acquainted with the somewhat unusual circumstances: the insistent request and paid the local mafia in taking a nasty strangers million dollars. Music lover Mitya went on this business to help a friend, Anya, just know the price of money, but that's what they just do not realize, it's that out the window in front of them watching through the scope - the customer was not completely clean on his arm. And the U.S. - they are, however, are not real. And when there are beginning to rattle explosions heard the shots and everything is filled with acrid smoke, to a pragmatic companion music lover comes that even a million can be useful to themselves. Here, as he wrote the well-known satirist, and all turned the ...

Whether as a consequence of the latest trends in the national cinema, or for some other reasons, but for his leading man debut proved. However, the fact that as a result of casting have not a professional actor and singer, member of "American Idol-3", the filmmakers explain their desire find a person feels and understands the music. To its credit, the creators want to add that the fact that the presence in the film by Andrei Krasko, who played a cameo role charming alcoholic - a colonel of Soviet intelligence in retirement - not spin up to the level of "the latest film actor.

Speaking of music - its in the movie actually plenty: Musical "semantic layer", according to director's idea, playing in "Million" is not the last role (hello Balabanovo "brother", the first and second). And at the whim of a music producer unknown album by David Bowie, center, and King Crimson Aguzarova oddly combined here with the "technologies" (specially for the occasion gathered in the recital), Ukupnik and Mr. Small. This should be heard, you will appreciate. In addition to the soundtrack quite transparently illustrate the plot reversals (a Bowie album in general has become a kind of expositions and the culmination of all this history with a million), in the picture there is quite a colorful character who reminded reporters Joseph Kobzon, but in fact inspired, as it turned out, a way Frank Sinatra.

In general, the output we get the "movie, not devoid of meaning." And the presence of this meaning - first, second and even third - is underlined at every opportunity. You can even calculate the sentence, which the creators openly proud of: "She was just living", for example. But the profound working title "Throw Babylon" with a bunch of subtexts reason it was decided to change to a more accessible understanding of the pun, linking love and the criminal line in one node.

In general, blood, sex and drugs as an illustration of life on the margins of post-Soviet young are deprived of family viewing, but if you an adult, tortured nostalgia for reckless early 90's - the movie in theaters since 5 th April.

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