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Over the Kremlin wall created a colony of innovative people

April 1 2006

In 1918, after the death of Sverdlov, its safe sealed, was torn down in the basement of the Kremlin and forgot about it. In 1934 it opened and found 100,000 gold rubles, 7 passports for the whole family and diamonds. Diamonds secretly decided to move to another location. In order not to attract undue attention, protection to the valuable goods are not police officers. Once the car disappeared outside the Kremlin, its trace lost ...

Around the loss of diamonds facts twisted story, which begins in 1938, and ends in 2005. This is not historical, and adventure movies or lyrical detective fiction - the story of children who were born in 1921, grew up in the Kremlin, and traveled there in different situations and alteration, - says the well-known journalist, author and host of "Man and Law" and " The Kremlin, 9, Alexei Pimanov. - In our society the stereotype - if a book or movie deals with the events 38-year, then be sure - about repression. But for me these years - special. I do not get tired to say that in the 21 th year in our country was born a new generation of winners - people who built our country. "

"And why the film is called" Alexander Garden "?

"Our heroes - the Kremlin's inhabitants. Few people now know that up until the forties of the past, the twentieth century, the Kremlin walls there was another life. Senior officials of the Kremlin, their room service - the drivers, secretaries - along with their families lived in the area - about one and a half thousand people. They fell in love, got married, bore children, walking with strollers on the Alexander Garden. Local guys played here in Sulky and-seek. Daughter of the then commandant of the Kremlin recalled that for the sake of laughing boys shoved her into the trunk of the Tsar-cannon. She was sitting there, crying, until it was lifted out by soldiers. In the Kremlin was a stadium, put the tree in winter, a skating-rink, skating. There was a particular climate and its rules. Going for some cases of the Kremlin wall, said: "I'm going into town." And we wanted this film to recreate that atmosphere, "- said Alexey Pimanov.

"How does the Kremlin guard allowed to rent here?"

"We have seven years working with various structures of the Kremlin - shooting the film" The Kremlin-9. During this time, proved that we are not scum - do not substitute, will not betray and will not do what is not allowed ", - said Alexey Pimanov.

"When I met with the scenario of" Alexander Garden ", I really liked it. After often generate scenarios associated with the Kremlin, where the continuous repression and dark dungeons. Nothing to do, agree with the historical truth - shared thoughts Commandant Khlebnikov. - And this movie hit the attention to human history. We do ourselves and the recently restored and are interested in career first commander of the Kremlin Regiment, although no one even knew his name - all the lists have been destroyed. "

"Alexander Garden" is based on a true story with a safe Yakov Sverdlov - continued story of the film, Alex Pimanov. - We Boris Yanovsky co-wrote the script. We have a very light movie, without a policy - a film-fantasy adventure. We have so many here have come up with - and an underground fort we have, and diamonds from the diamond fund disappear. "

But the most important property of the film - its characters - a fantastic guys. In the center of the picture the fate of lovers - daughter of the head of Special Branch of the Central Committee of Tanya Shapilinoy and son drivers of the government garage Alexei Kazarina. When they were children, then chased with his friends on the Kremlin's dungeons for the mysterious Black Monk, all of which prevented sleep.When they started a little older, have arranged surveillance of criminal nicknamed The Baron, traded in stolen diamonds. And when it was quite grown up - were involved in espionage scandal and ourselves have tried to wriggle out of it.

Advertisement paintings claimed that the image of Alexis Kazarina they have brought to the screens of the country's new hero - which is sure will give a woman's hand, and at the right time to protect her from the offender and, if necessary - to give him a "face".

"Once I stood on the Tower of the Kremlin, and suddenly it dawned on me - I clearly presented the old town inside the fort, he saw kids who ran and hid in the Tsar Bell - Alex Pimanov open up. - Recalled that after the revolution here everything was so run, there was chaos everywhere, in the palaces - all the furniture upside down. When both begin to learn the Kremlin appears to him some warmth. I often come to the Alexander Gardens, just walking and walking, imbue it with the beauty. I belong to the Kremlin, not as a place of political squabbles, for me it is - a different world. "

Alex Pimanov so stick with the Kremlin that he acted as a guide for the historic fortress. At every step, he recalled some exclusive story - it seemed to him that here the sign of each stone. He often repeats that it is - not a simple, mystical place, and the proof gives an amazing story: "During the Great Patriotic War in the Great Kremlin Palace pleased five-ton bomb. Thug hung in the ceiling roof and then crashed to the floor St. George's Hall, but did not explode! Kremlin legend says that the Kremlin was rescued from the explosion of the German Communist underground, which poured into the bomb sand instead of gunpowder. "

To create a feature film about the Kremlin's children Alex Pimanov cook for 10 years - studied the structure of Hollywood scripts, visiting shooting eminent domestic producers. The work was not in vain - the picture was shot in his most favorite place in Moscow. And along with this prophecy come to pass, which was known Pimanovu from childhood - the little Alyosha in his childhood the grandmother has predicted that he would become a famous journalist, and in 1942 will remove the film. So it came to pass.

Maria Pavlikova

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