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The Russian-Ukrainian tour of Lake Of Tears

August 31 2006

The new concert season, which is about to begin, promises to be no less fruitful than the previous one. At the beginning of September, a grand gift to the public will be returning Swedes Lake Of Tears. Series of concerts, many of whom have been waiting for, to be held in the Russian and Ukrainian cities.

Group Lake of Tears formed in Sweden in the small town of Boras in the spring of 1992. The band was formed on the ruins of the two formations of Death Carnal Eruption and Forsaken Grief. Going to play in the infinitely popular style of early 90th Gothic-Doom-Death.

After the first Demo team spotted the label «Black Mark Production». Spotted and signed by as much as 5 albums. Debut album «Greater Art» appeared in December 1993, with the support of producer Mathias Lodmala, who worked at the time of Crematory and Sundown.

The album was a mixture of melodic «Gothic» Paradise Lost and «Astral Sleep» by Tiamat. The author of all written material by lead singer Daniel Brennar - its a nice growl (growling) was pretty memorable. Also in the group included guitarist Jonas Eriksson, bassist Mikael Larsson, as well as drummer Johan Odhis.

In early March 1995, was recorded a second album - «Headstones». More than four weeks had musicians in the studio with producer Ulf Peterson. And so on this record Lake of Tears showed the world their full potential and originality. Nine tracks of perfect fall on a continuous avalanche of listener then emphasizing deep, penetrating guitars, the softening of their minor keyboard passages. You will remember acoustic «Headstones» soft «Dream Demons», and fast «Burn Fire Burn». On «Headstones», Brenar disclosed as a vocalist for one hundred percent.

«Headstones» has received lots of positive reviews in the press, both from the audience and from critics. Over the next year the group spends a couple of small tours in Europe, speaking at the same stage with such monsters as Vader, Tiamat, Crematory, Edge of Sanity, Savatage, Rage and the Gathering. In that same 1996 team leaves guitarist Jonas Eriksson. So Lake Of Tears turned into a trio. In tour with the group went to a session keyboardist Christine Saarinen.

The third album «A Crimson Cosmos» appeared in January of 1997. Lake of Tears decided not to recur in his work, and find an entirely different sound. Yes, the album can be considered easier, but you can not call him a less successful - the sound became softer, thinner tone, and the sound shifted towards the Gothic-rock. It must be noted, of course, good songs: «Devil's Dinner», «Lady Rosenred», «To Die Is To Wake» and of course «A Crimson Cosmos». A distinctive feature of the third release, "Lake" is a weird surreal mood, reflected even on the cover of the booklet, a certain atmosphere of detachment, which is present in all the compositions. «A Crimson Cosmos» has received numerous awards, even in such prestigious publications as the «Rock Hard» and «Metal Hammer». Immediately followed by a round of gold with Theatre of Tragedy and Heavenwood, and then performing at Wacken Open Air, and Out Of The Dark Festivals with Crematory, Therion, Dark and Graveworm.

May 25, 1999 Lake of Tears released «Forever Autumn». The album once again gets 7 out of 7 in Metal Hammer. On the recording heard the cello, violin, flute and acoustic guitar. Themed plates was autumn, time of year when nature is slowly dying ... Melancholic sounds of guitars, beautiful losers Clavey, moaning fiddle and wonderful vocals. The album became a true gem in their discographies, and cut it so they could not. When writing "Eternal Autumn", Christine Saarinen got his and got the status of permanent member of the «LOT».

Strange, but the expected tour never came - «Black Mark Production» decided not to spend money to organize the tour and banal cut "bubble" at its best band./ P>

September 9, 1999 hear the thunder: "Now it's official statement ... we broke up. Henceforth, the group Lake Ot Tears do not exist. The emotions I have about this strange and sad ... but probably for the best. Nevertheless, I (and maybe someone else from the group of musicians), we write another album, just to get out of contract with the «Black Mark». Then we'll see. Who of us will probably continue to play music in one form or another. I would like to thank you all for your letters ... Excuse me, but more could not last. Good luck - Daniel Brennar.

But to everyone's delight a group of the newly reunited, and in August of 2002, released his last album to hated «Black Mark».

On «The Neonai» dominated dance motifs, are simple but at the same time cheerful melody. The plate was probably the weakest in the work group. "Lake" took the path of such groups as Theatre of Tragedy, Crematory and Paradise Lost hitting the electronics, the so-called race of fashion.

The new label was chosen «Noise Records» where the group and remains to this day. 2004 gave us the latest at the moment a record called «Black Brick Road». A mixture of gothic rock and metal, has finally attracted a wide audience. The Swedes did not surprise anyone continuation of his electronic experiments, or return to the early creation. They just released their new album. Not a masterpiece, and not a revolution in music, just good quality and nice plate.

As part of the tour Lake Ot Tears finally visited the Mother Russia, and these things happened a significant event in the spring of 2005. Excitement about the sale of tickets, however. Hundreds of admirers of the group, and remained on the street with tickets in hand, Hall Point "was crowded. Last concert, once again proved the national love to the group of Lake Ot Tears and gave us hope for a new interview with the legendary team.

In an interview after the concert the musicians remarked that very pleased with the reception and did not even expect, that is so popular in Russia. They also learned a few Russian words, one of them was entitled to the Russian-Ukrainian tour in 2006.

Lviv, Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Moscow and St. Petersburg will receive in early September, the opportunity to see their favorites. Someone again, someone for the first time, and someone, and twice, after all this time in Moscow, Lake Of Tears will play two concerts: September 9, at "Orange" and September 10 at "Eggs". In addition, the concert was announced in the suburban town of Istra September 12.

Authors: Kulikovskikh Pauline Vitvitskiy Alex

Васильева Камилла

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