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Kings Humpy metal again in Moscow

May 31 2007

One March night two drunken Finnish guys fell asleep in one of the rehearsal halls of Helsinki. One awoke in the night, sat down at the keyboard and began to play softly folkovuyu melody that he heard in his sleep. Then woke up and the second man, the tune he had in his heart, and two companions began play softly it in the traditional Finnish style humppa (humppa - a local variety of polka - aut.). It sounded funny and brisk, and the guys went into the taste - so was born the Finnish folk-rock band Finntroll.

Called neonatal Finnish troll Somnium and Katla - future guitarist and vocalist of Finntroll. The Scandinavian legend of his father trolls Rivfadre formed the basis of the plot first demo, which is well named - «RivFader». Familiar musicians themselves began to wheel and deal Tenetsu via Spikefarm Records, and the trolls themselves started to record their first album. In the group there are new musicians: Trollhorn of Moonsorrow took the keys, Best Dominator sat at a drum kit, Skrymer began playing the guitar and Tundra - bass.

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In 2000, the debut album Midnattens Widunder («Monster of Midnight") is finally released. Released in 2001 album Jaktens Tid («the hunt") brought musicians hot "people's love." Their voices heard and loved in Europe, which allowed "the trolls" sign a contract with a known record company Century Media.

Since autumn 2001, the group begin to pursue failed - on the eve of a tour of Europe vocalist Katla lost his voice. The reason was swelling of the vocal cords, which can not be removed by means of operating. The trolls were hoping for the best, but unfortunately, the singer could no longer sing, and left the group. Katla is now studying at the Art College in western Finland.

Replacing him was Tapio Vilska, who worked lighting and sound engineer of the group.

April 24, 2003 on "trolls" struck another tragedy - the death of an absurd killed guitarist Somnium, the founder of Finntroll. He fell off the bridge, being drunk.

"We have lost not only a musician but also a close friend" - the musician says. Group left two of its founder, and nobody knew whether to continue Finntroll. However, the natural will of Finnish musicians to life and their thirst for music proved stronger than the circumstances. Replacement Somniumu became guitarist Ruta, who participated more in recording the first demo, and sometimes speaking with Finntroll live.

In March 2007, the release of their latest album, "Ur Jordens Djup", which they will present at its fourth concert in Russia. This is the first album in a record which was attended by new vocalist Mathias Lilmans, who replaced Tapio Wilske in 2006.

What awaits us at the concert? Similarly, will again be tube guitar gash, crisp rhythms and a lot of fun! Identify the style of music does not seem possible. Humpa metal! Polka-thrash!

Finntroll will perform June 2 at 20:00 at CDK MAI

Alex Vitvitskiy


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