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Helloween: Legends again in Russia

September 27 2006

The legendary German band Helloween in the third time to visit Russia. With more than twenty years of history in a special presentation was no longer needed, since a long time has taken its rightful place in the hearts of fans and on the shelves of music collections.

And it all started in Germany when young Germans have not even suspect they are destined to make a considerable upheaval in the world history of heavy music was just beginning its steps to glory. The decisive was 1984, when a group of founding father of Kai Hansen (vocals - guitar), guitarist Michael Veykata, bassist Markus Grosskopf, and drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg gave life to their first demo. That same year, and is considered the founding year of the group. It is worth noting that the record was made a full-fledged quality releases. Recorded song entered the German compilation "Death Metal Sampler" - it brought success to the group, however, like the other way, have fallen into this same issue. Shortly after the collection for the young group drew attention to the label "Noise" and sign long-term contract with Helloween. The result of joint work is the album "Helloween", which gave the world the new direction of heavy music, later called the «power-metal». Musical ideas and imagination just an endless stream flowed from the fingers of the musicians, and in the same 1985 they recorded another album - "Walls of Jericho". With the release of this record group is a known fact around the world, winning not only Europe but the United States.

1986 brought a team of new blood in the person of Michael Kiske. By this time, it became obvious that Kai Hansen still hard to play the role of two musicians at once, and even the new material demanded a higher vocal level. It was asked to join the new party. As a result, "Pumpkinhead" recorded two of the greatest albums in the history of metal. Label strongly urged the group, and they did not have time to prepare the material completely, so the album was divided into 2 parts - so there were "Keeper of the seven keys" I (1987) and "Keeper of the seven keys" II (1988). The team was at the height of his success, the albums just blew up then the music world. And at this very moment is split, which few could have expected - leaves the group's founder Kai Hansen. During the years of joint creative work has accumulated a lot of disagreements, both personal and material. Kai broke relations with colleagues and create a new team - Gamma Ray.

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Kai became replacing the Roland Grap from Rampage. And then the group disappeared from the visible horizon of two years. Until 1990, it actually never seen or heard. During this period, Helloween goes on EMI, and prepares the album "Pink Bubles Go Ape". The fans take it very cold, as well as followed it "Chameleon". Instead of the expected continuation of the traditions of classic albums the band left in the direction of hard rock, which is considerably cooled people's love for the German group. Black band becomes protracted, and unhappiness simply persecuted musicians. In addition to the failures of albums, actually disintegrating composition.After touring in support of the album "Chameleon" goes, Michael Kiske, and then ends with a drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg, throwing himself under a train - he had at that time was sluggish schizophrenia, which he tried to turn off alcohol and drugs. March 8, 1995 he passed away.

However, the true legends are not easy to surrender. Instead, the lost musicians come drummer Uli Kusch (prior to this had already managed to work with Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray) and singer Andy Deris from Pink Cream 69. The team decided to revive the tradition of albums 1987-88 years, and writes the record "Master of the Rings", which appeared in 1994 at Castle Communicatoins. The fans are very cautious and contradictory reacted to the album and the new composition. Someone has adopted a new music and new members, but for someone to team ever died. However, time dictated his own, and a group continued to work in a selected area. In 1996, her new album, a strong team - "Time of the Oath", where new recruits were able to manifest itself in all its glory. Also, Helloween recorded live album "High Live", who had a still and video version. Typing speed, the musicians are trying to maintain momentum and produce the plate "Better than Raw" and "The Dark Ride". The latest release comes out on Nuclear Blast and maintained in a rather dismal, several unusual for the group, but nevertheless takes its rightful place.

In the new millennium change again plagued team. Exeunt Uli Kusch and Roland Grap not come together in creative ambitions with the rest of the staff. Deris and Veykat like to restore a classic group sound, while bygone musicians wanted to keep the last line of the plate.

3 years are in search of new musicians, creative research and finally record an album. New guitarist Sascha Gerstner became a Freedom Call, which suggested that the group album producer Charlie Bauerfaynd as drum parts performed by Mark Cross and Mikkey Dee (Motorhead). Mikkey Dee was finishing the last installment on the album, as Croce was unable to complete the work due to illness. But despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the album "Rabbits don't come easy", was released in 2003.

The latter change is taking place in the same year. Veykat dismisses sick in a drummer and takes his replacement Stephen Schwartzman of the UDO

The year 2005 signified a new, landmark album for Helloween - they try to repeat its former success, and record a record "Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy", designating it as the third part of the previous well-known albums. 13 tracks on two discs, the cover style releases 1987-88's, again, Charlie Bauerfaynd as producer, plus guest participation Candice Night (Blackmore's Night) in the song "Light the Universe" - these are the components of the third part of the history of the Custodian of the Keys.

8 and 10 October Helloween in again to visit Russia and played shows in clubs "Point" (Moscow) and "Port" (St. Petersburg) in its tour, and everyone will be able to enjoy as long been loved as well as new creations of the legendary German band .

Kulikovskikh Pauline

Васильева Камилла

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